Tuesday, December 28, 2010

miss you already

okay this is like my blog and updates on whats going on
last saturday we had a burst of emotion (or so you can say)
we went out la basically
met him at LRT station pick him up and went to fill up gas
then we went to ehem hehehe ALAMANDA!
the actual plan was IOI mall but the trafic was bad on the way back coz there is a car across the road with its wheel tercabut..
we wen to alamanda
and watched TRON thank god ticket byk ag mase tu
we ate hotdogs and pop corn
wow sayang! besar appetite you
well about me i eat moderate but alot of times
i capat lapar
huhu then after TRON we went shopping kasut asyraf
CANTIK! it was white
well i was the one suggested it! tak sangka dia suka gak hehe :D
then after beli kasut
g solat
pastu g jalan2 and makan KENNY RODGERS
oleh di sebabkan i teringgin sangat nak makan kenny
so we went la makan
sayang i tak nah rase and he LOVE the chicken there!
sedap kan sayang!
after kenny
we went for a walk
kat luar
then pergi beli NOMBOR DIGI!
whoooooooooooooooo now we can talk like 24hours NON STOP :D
after that we head back home
ala! nak lepak lama2 lagi :D
well this weekend is anticipated!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

what i did today

you can called it eventful
but in terms of joy blerghh not much of joy
except having a good workout and my baby asyraf called :)
today was just like any boring day
got up at 6 solat,
hantar mira kat KLIA
then we went breakfast at mc donalds
and we refill coffe like 3 times
then went to cyber mama siap vacuum ag umah cyber
i had the chance of workout on walkatainner for 10 minutes
then head to the POOL did only 4 laps unfortunately hahah
i almost drown because i smell something good in the air..
gasping for breath!
then did crunches like 50 *but i dont think it works coz i still have my flabbs*
omg! im going to see my baby bunny this saturday and i look like a blue hypo
im so going to starve myself tomorrow :(
baby sayang i miss you so much!
thanks for calling tadi!!!
hehehehehe miss your laugh everytime i make a joke :)
after cyber went to bank and bank in next sem fees :(
then went to eat at precint 14 this arab shop
unfortunately it wasnt as tasty as the arab shop kat bawah cyberneo
after that i went back home
now waiting for my baby to finish tahlil so we can have a cozy chat ;p
miss you darling!

we have a date tonight okay :)

owh my GOD!

wants me to do crazy stuffs
like watching pictures of people posted on tumblr
they are so Fuck!ng skinny!!!
it makes me want to like starve the whole day!!!
argh how can i get a beau body like that!!
then i phone
urghhhhh just makes me crazy!!!
can i have so lean body but eat what ever i want :(

Monday, December 20, 2010

first day of holiday

harini sangat penat
konon nak fill in the days so that it looks buzy but not super buzy!
what i did was
bangun pagi pas subuh
bukak gmail
and realized that we had not done the voluntere sheet information in bm
so i pon gelabah la
then submit kat pn firdous
then at 9.00 selepas berhempas pulas kejut mira dia tak mau bangun
i pon kuar umah menuju cyber
on the way berhenti kat esso
since they dont have tuna puff dah which was awfully sad!
i choose to eat hod dog which was yummy JUMBO HOTDOG okay ;p
with my morning coffee
then head towards main campus at cyber
sampai cyber at 10
then my darling sayang asyraf called
layan baby i jap..miss u sayang!! :)
then go to see pn firdous
buat paperwork which was like 1hour
then at 11 pergi kl
first singgah rumah dulu
amek ic mama dan juga extra baggage 'amira'
pastu head towards KL
then g ijn
dah lah jam
then sampai IJN lunch hour plaks! what!!!!
well we were like takpe lah come back nother one hour..
i went and pick mama from papa's office
went lunch kat felda
pergi balik IJN
then submit research paper 15 copies to which only took like 2minutes je -____-
then pg midvalley
midvalley satu hal
masuk je mid takde parking
warghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnak ngamuk je rase -_____________-
tapi last last dapat parking huhu (>.<)v
then g solat
beli donut
pastu g kamdar beli samping anaqi huhu (^.^)v
drive balik jam ag..
wahaaaaaaaa pnat
sampai jln kelang lama isi minyak kat esso
pastu pergi am bank
pastu g hsbc kat ioi sane tuh
pastu g public bank
pastu ni baru sampai umah :(
umah besepahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
pening pala
pagi tadi tak sempat nak kemas huhu :(
tapi malam ni
nak happy
nak date dengan baby i :)
sayang! tights and chubby cheeks kan??
love you :* muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

can't wait for tonight!!!!
kita date tau!!

XOXO :*muahhh

Sunday, December 19, 2010

sayang you sangat

hari yang sangat gembira
kuar ngan my darling asyraf :)
it was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
love you sayang
and yeah KFC tu memang pelik
i mean kalau tak jual air sekali ngan box tu at least cakap la kan??
what la..
you're unbelievable ok!
harini satu hari jalan2
wow asik kuar ngan u jalan2 jauh
tapi tak rase pun
and yeah sg besi and my home its like 20 minutes je!
so boleh la i jumpe you selalu!! *wink wink*
hehehhee can't wait for next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (^.^)v
i love you so MUCH!

XOXO sayang!

Friday, December 17, 2010


okay supposedly after exams i should be on a holiday just chillin right?
but i cant do that
i have like tones of work to do
isha went to Thailand already by now
everybody is like somewhere across the states
we have sunnathon in melaka
which im afraid im not going
my baby juara just broke down RIGHT AFTER EXAMS!!
baby nape tamau start??!!! :((((
anyhu baby juara now can start but i think dia nak minum kot so tomorrow mau hantar dia pergi cek minyak air bateri sume ok?
and yeah i have to take care of mama
bills to pay
phones to look for
sim card to buy hehehe
anything for you my darling sayang!
anyway its saturday can't go out that late
papa will go beserk plus rumah bersepah
maigadddddddddddd how la want to relax like this???
i seriously need a good massage kan sayang??? ;p (wink wink)
im missing my sayang, which by this week he'll be hell buzy :(
i miss you!!! :*
can't wait for our next date ;p
huh i think this is for now
next updates coming up soon :)

p/s: i love you sayang :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

my sayang! this is what i did when i had free time :)
i had this idea since like before exam lagi
tapi takde mase
so skarang baru nak buat :)
yang, you buat ni jadi wallpaper you ok?? hehhee :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

monkey comes to visit

my monkeys comes to visit hahahha :)
monkey monkey monkey..
amira sangat vain
amir lak emo papa tak kasi pergi genting
owh get over it lah amir there's nothing up there anyway
lain la kalau genting tu menara KARIN ke
nak gak pergi boleh dapat awan guling satu hahahaa
amira please, you're taking up space in my camera's memory card
plus you have like 10 pictures of the same pose..
i have no idea what you're trying to do haha..

Saturday, December 11, 2010


guess what happen last night??? ;p
ala nak cerita balik pun malu *blush*
ok story goes like this..
i was on the verge of reading chronic heart diseases
when suddenly my eyes started to think for them selves and go cox eye,
so as i was struggling to stay awake i was wondering why my darling asyraf hasn't called yet,
i think he might be busy,
i was literally yelling to my eyes to stay focus on page 1111 and it was a failure
what i read was something like janduadhudhfdlsfjksdfu and obviously i seriously need to go to bed
so i shut down my computer, off the fan and lights
i head back to my room and turn off the lights and lock the door,
i propped down on my bed and i took my phone and i msg asyraf
me: sayang i nantok la, u dah tido ke? (thinking why he hadn't called)
i waited like 5 minutes and no reply (yeah like he'll reply that fast, huhu)
so i decided to call him,
then this weird thing happen,
i call him but there was no tone and i was like
s#@t why couldn't i get through?
i mean is he talking to someone else on the phone and i couldn't get through?
i was starting to panicked but i try to stay positive,
so i dial his number using my maxis,
and it went through but after 2 tones i hung up,
later he called me
dahaaaaaaaaaaa i was soooooo HAPPY coz for a moment there i thought he was avoiding me huhuu.. :(
anyway we talked and i was only saying i wanted to sleep and told him what i had done today
we we're talking about how we feel
then suddenly he said
asyraf: ma fatima, happy tak u jadi girlfriend I?
and i was LIKE
me: HAPPY! (I mean at last declare jugak kan? ;p )

and for a moment there i was like flying
my face was so hot i think i could cook eggs on it hahahahaha

i mean seriously that was one of the best moments in my life! :)
and seriously i had NEVER never ever feel this way \(^.^)/

then i was like
me: sudi tak you jadi boyfriend i?
Asyraf: NAK ah!
awwwww sayang! you are so SWEET!
so we declare and it was 12/12/2010 perfect timing?
should say so myself:)
anyhow love you sayang!

XOXO!!! (hugs and kisses for you)

Friday, December 10, 2010

so my wallpaper right now

sekarang curi mase sedikit untuk update blog kejap
tadi dapat gambar sayang terus jadi wallpaper..
hehe byk notes and icon tak sempat nak kemas desktop
nanti lah i clear kan baru leh view muka u ngan lebih jelas hehehehe :)
yang i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks cakap ngan i sayang naik sikit semangat nak study....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

i am supposed to be studying but i cant

im supposed to be studying but i cant
dah rase macam tepu je ni
rindu kat asyraf,
tapi kene study,
today asyraf ade exam,
exam tactics (or so i have no idea, sorry sayang im really blur on this (^.^)v,
i was studying on slipped femoral epiphysis
it still wont stick in my mind
i mean whats the diffrence between that and Perthe's???
omg! ORTHO is so HARD!
i hate you ortho...

can we talk about something more exciting?
yes sayang talk about you :)
lagi best kan?
can't wait for my exam to finish
i can cook you tomyam :)
miss you lots sayang!!

XOXO (its hugs and kisses by the way ;p)


today it didnt go that well..
i had body ache and i ate like 3 pills of different meds
anti histamin, neurofen and mucolytic
well i think its best if i took clarinase just but what ever..
asyraf still havent call...
owh miss u la :(
i know you buzy just hope you call tonight okay :]
anyhu struggling to study my back ache is so f@#$ing worse
omeh...akit la...
i just hope the questions are easy
dr hairel did mention that its going to be easy
he looked kinda worried that i was to f#$%ing stress out hahaha
well thats lyfe ya'll
and by the way
miss my asyraf...
till then
;P chowww

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

babies names

i know you guys will say..
nama baby lagi kan dd?? huhu
anyway its what i like and its for my future refrence jugak
anyhu its my blog so i can write anything that i want :)

first born i want a boy of course :)

1. muhammad adam :)
2. fatihah
3. muhammad arif
4. muhammad alyf
5. aiyesha

comeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

awak saya :)

okay semalam kuar dengan asyraf, comel tak :)
dia sangat comel :)
sayang asyraf saya :)
pergi mane je?
hem pergi makan dunkin donuts :)
suka? mestilah!!!
pastu pergi jalan2 :)
what i like most about him?
responsible! to himself, friends GOD and enviroment..
suka jalan2 semalam tapi kalau blh duduk lagi best
knee cap nak tercabut tapi control senyum je sepanjang jalan hehe :)

antara lawak2 yg terjadi semalam

asyraf: eh mata you berair..
ma: tak lah mata i bersinar
both: hahahahahahahah

asyraf: ape tu?
ma: rantai (rantai bentuk love)
asyraf: boleh bukak tak?
ma: boleh guna batu
both: hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha

owh so sweet you nak i letak gambar you eh :) later i letak k wallpaper kot ;p
miss u already lah... :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

the boy who i havent met

though i havent met you, i like you already, u laugh at my jokes, you laugh when i laugh, u think im funny when i tell the punch line wrong, i know its recent i know were different but somehow i knew you knew that i need you and you need me too :) its an amazing feeling.. i just hope you wont give up on me easily, you have a strong heart you believe in things that no one else have faint heart on, you see things differently as i am seeing things different from you and everyone else, its different but it dosent mean its bad, it's just different, i'll try my best making you happy as you have already did from the moment you say hai :) you got me at hai and hopefuly i wont loose you at goodbye and just so you know you're amazing :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

okay its time for me to study

its time for me to study plus i have tones of work to do!!!
see i have to
study + buat tbl + group discussion

im reading dragonball!!

i just wish its as intresting as murtagh
huh malasnyer nak baca buku!!!


so about my depression i am trying a new method of overcomming it or else i have to reasort to an alternative way of being in a company of my frens like 24/7
so what i plan to do is making a video log for 5 days at home and see how it goes..hopefully it turns out good heheheheh :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010


i have been diagnosing myself as having depression
the adhedonia was overwhelming at one point i have trouble concentrating
i dont think friends care and surely they dont understnad
coz they are judgmental
but hey
i tried to see the counselor she is on leave
so tomorrow try my luck again
i think
i try to get a hang of it
dr hairel kata its ok for me to take antidepressants!
dapat green light ape lagi ;p

piriton dosent really resolve
yeah boy was nice to me today
kak sam too
elevated my mood abit
coz they are crazy and make me smile always hehehehe
like it ;p!
i just wish things are simple and i wish my life was like KAMI
but they are really complicated..
friends dont tell coz they judge so..
better live it up..
stay focus! ;p
and cheer up!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Im scared i might reasult in medication

Lately i have been having problem with sleeping

Best option is piriton

But yeah with xanax and starlift lying around its very tempting

Nak makan ke tak?

But my insomnia is getting worse

Damn it!

Friday, October 15, 2010


don't you hate it when you see your EX everywhere?
that is how i feel
and yeah he thinks he so great strutting around with his attitude
now wonder he was keen on dumping me
i think he got someone already
talk about disgusting
you should think of changing your face
he is obnoxious
and wears a mask
he acts nice in front of people
but i think Allah will balas what he did to me
and yeah i think he will die of heart attack
coz sape yg kuat marah byk adrenaline
which eventually causes HPT and soon dies of heart attack
kalau ade org nak kat dia pon bet she's a whore
i fucking hate you thank you
i think the reason of me being so fucking pissed is because i cant let it out
but i did already and yes he is a bitch
he acts like one talks like one and frankly he is one
yeah i still fucking care
that's my fucking problem
but hey its just rant cheer up gal ;p

Sunday, September 26, 2010

abg shahril's wedding

another one of my abg sedara
is getting married
and i got a hold of kak linda's kamera but yeah
think i like pictures in my camera for some
anyway it was a cool thing to hang out with my family
but in the end all of us had diarrhea
and pity my dad he was the most affected
he vomited alot
anyway the wedding was awesome
i love the DAIS though very pretty


is awesome :)
i get to play with babies
this year we have many babies
and eventhough its not mine im still happy
coz if its mine i think i'll have a headache thinking on how am i going to manage a baby
and yes still i am so not studying
i cant help it!
i have been depressed for the past one month
insomnia and all
but hey im BACK!
right on to business :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

omg! DONNIE YEN is soo mouthwatering!

omg! just watched flash point and it was awesome
donnie yen should receive the awards for best action director
he was so amazing the kungfu was totally awesome
it made predator looks like bedtime story
and yeah he was very very very quick!!
it was like wow!
but i think they should have more precaution
i think he injured his facial nerve in this movie
in the movie he had bang his neck (cervical) on the railing
omg! that is a serious injury okay!!!
anyhow the movie was awesome and now i want to download shanghai knights pulak
nak tgk Donnie Yen in action ag.. ;p

Thursday, July 8, 2010

we watched PREDATOR

and it was awesome
there was a lot of running
we at first it was a bit cliche
seeing the girl already knew about the predator
but what i like about this movie is it all make sense
in a sense that IT IS LOGICAL
not like tomb raider or any fictional stories
these people were choosen for a purpose and was dumped on an unkown planet
the awesome part was that the predator pick all the awesome bad ass to be hunted
1. black ops/ missionary played by ADRIEN BROADY
2. IDF (israel defence federation) - Isabele
3. saudi special force or something
5. FBI most wanted
6. some mafia
7. chech army
8. and a stupid doctor

but all and all the film was good especially ADRIAN
he made the story not look stupid
he actually did what he did in the movie
he read about lots of tactical stuff and basically did alot of survival stuff in the jungle
and it paid off
the movie was damn good i had to watch it again
but i think im the ioly one who understands it
coz i guess im a fan of PREDATOR since i was little
since my dad showed me this movie hahaha!
keep it up hopefully new predators will come out and even better than this
oh ya..the critics said its not as good as what i reviewed because i think the predator looks kinda week so they should have strengthen its character eventhough the predators only know how to screem and no dialog but yeah they have to look logical sikit kot.

outing wif aina!

yerp one of my closest frined back in high school AINA
we went to ALAMANDA
i bought her a birthday present because i wanted to buy her something but i just couldnt find the time
any way went and have lunch in burger king
we talk about a whole lots of things and we had fun
after than we went walking around alamanda
and took some picutres hehe
cam whore jao
but yeah it was fun
i couldnt do everything at one day right so we set another time to see
she is just in KLIUC in bangi
so not that far
coz if im in serdang we can see each other frequently
but yea it was FUN!

foto hunting with Murni

i just had so much things to planned out
tetiba i had an epihany to do so much things and i have owh so little time
so for my next activity is fotohunting
i went to bukit cerakah with murni
it was actually supposed to be port kelang but we changed plans because of last minute arrangemnets were just to late
we had too many things that we wanted to do
so at last we went for bukit cerakah
yg lawak nyer we thought of taking a bike but then malas nak kayuh so we took the bus
and the ride was awesome
but it was strange because i thought it was suppose to be really cold with all the pokok's
but it turns out i was really HOT!!!
panas okay berpeloh2
then we went tangkap gambar at a fish pond
it was actually a dam!
we took picutres
by my pictures are all NOISE!
then next we went to amek gmbr at a lake
it was a fun thing to do
all the trees were really facinating
then we went to taman haiwan
and not much to do there anyway
we walk and we go back home
i was damn tired but at least i reached home ai't?

sepetang bersama chimei

memandangkan cuti ku tinggal berberapa hari sahaja lagi
i was thinking of spending my time with my friends
go hunt them down and well have a drink or two :)
so the luckiest friend i caught was chimei..
we had lunch on saturday..
she made it in KLUE urbanscapes POSCARD! and it was awesome
we had so much fun
and laugh
i told her about medicine
she was like grossed out
but thats life babe
anyway i got back and update my tumblr
not much to update but yeah..i kinda had it..
but on the evening i met with shila
dia dengan balak dia ada pulak
nect time maybe jumpe shila coz she is already registering for a new year in medicine UITM kat selayang
anyway thats about it i think :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

writing again

well i had an epiphany last night
i was writing again and some are good stuff
cant wait to continue
i dont think i want to go out today despite its what thursday already?
i really had something good in my mind something to get on with my writting
so here goes
and yeah i forgot i only have 2 more weeks to holiday and i hadnt start puasa yet
alah wasted nyer!
then again i forgot i tak le puasa coz im on medication!
seems like i have to puasa in 4th year..
just hope i can get through it

Monday, June 28, 2010

KL sky line vs Hong Kong skyline

i made a few research before on hong kong so i saw this picture of hong kong and how similar it was compared to the skyline of KL.
i just took these two pictures and compare them
but anywhere is wonderful but your homeland is even more.
i think i could never leave Malaysia and go somewhere else
but even if i do leave i'll make sure i come back :)
Malaysia is AWESOME!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

PakLi KopiTiam

sepagi hingga ke petang bersama nazif
so teringgin nak pergi jalan2
ikot la mama pergi shah alam
sementara tgu mama lepak la di warung Pakli
warung la sangat..
anyway nak pergi jalan2 kat tasik nazif tak nak
so lepak kat pak li
3 jam lepak makan ape je
kene byr rm17..
mahal btol
rupenye netbook ni byk kegunaan
especially mase tgh boring
surf net sangat mudah ;)
pastu search tentang telephone
pergh tepon nokia sekarang berteknology lebih canggih mamapu menandingi Iphone
mane tidak nye phone nokia yg terbaru ni
nokia N8 dahla harga rm1590 je
aku rase nak beli je!
tapi tak pe dah ade fon
sayangila fon anda sementara ada :)

Terry tye Lee

well for the next blog entry i dedicate this page to Terry T lee
a Hip hop artist which i known from Singapore
he was the founder of chyna house recordings
and produce some of few awesome songs
he was really talented
the thing i like about his music was
it wasnt all hip hop
there are elements of soul, RnB, pop
and i like it
as oppose to our Malaysian fav hip hop artist like Joe Flizzow and Malique
who were the fore founders of Hiphop scene in Malaysia
they practically bloomed out
when i was in secondary school
Hip hop was all over the nation at that time
with Tupac, p didiy, Nelly, TI
and all sorts of US entertainment that managed to influence the Hip hop in our nation
and most of em are black aside form eminem
back to terry t lee
he was a member of Urban Exchange along with baby V
i first notice this group when they did a collabo with azura from Disney channel
it was funny because Jin was like hey you guys should make azura a singer because she is a very good singer
so they did a song with her the song was called buzzing
it was really nice
after that they did a collabo with camellia and that was awesome to
i had no idea that he went all over the world including china to make many other MV and sweet songs
he produce a MV for the song Welcome tot the Good life, feat Homie, Jin, Joe Flizzow and gabgy
this is one of my favorite song!

Friday, June 25, 2010


so my next research is on firearms
nak tulis buku kene la ade research kan :)
well my next post is on guns that i like
actually after doing an extended reasearch (which however mostly is skimming through) hehe
i decided the most intresting firearm that i fell in love with is the pump action shotgun
i love it because it looked cool hehe
and yeah i love short barrel shotguns
i love shotguns compare to
-machine guns

1. short barrels are short it means its lighter and well you can actually store it compare to long ones
2. its pump action means its auto loaded not like break action you have to put in the slug manually
3. its durable compared to a rifle
4. you can shot more than one, if its rifel you can only shot one time (well there are other rifles but im talking about shotguns)
5.its actually gun for dummies, so if you use shotgun it basically hit the target with multiple bullets, so it gives a wider coverage
6. the bullets are initially meant to harm the target instead of killing it so its really safe.

yeah i dont like semi autos because yeah its expensive and for me its prone to get malfunction because automatic guns serve to be highly maintained
automatics and semi auto guns must be serviced occasionally because the parts are easily malfunction as for a pump action the cleaning process is less hard than semi autos because of less parts involves.
well handguns such as pistols and revolvers are not my thing especially not automatic pistols
they are small and compact easily hidden but i don't think they are user friendly
for one thing revolver only have 5-8 rounds of shot then you have to manually reload it which i think is really a mess, and the chamber bulges out so its not discrete anyway
pistols like semi automatic is really cool, you can fire shoots up to 20 shots but it needs constant cleaning, if not the spring will become loose and causing it to malfunction.
in machine guns, they are lighter and so the handling is much more out of control. you can easily miss aim with lighter gun.
down side of pump action shot gun is that it doesnt comes with detachable magazine, so you have to load the slug manually after a few shots

anyway all and all all guns have their advantages and disadvantages :)

Monday, June 21, 2010


well for the past few days i have been siting home
because i dont have money to go out..
duet dah habis so lepak rumah je
eventough so you realized that you do not have to go out
to know alot of things
if you have the web
you can practically go anywhere
so for my next story
i had to do a special reasearch on Hong Kong
and believe me i hadnt been there but i still think its really difficult to know more about that place.
coz its all in Chinese. yes in chines
well hong kong has 7 million people living in it and it is one of the most densly populated city in the whole wide world.
density population is there are about 6076 people living in 1 km square feet.
its houses are all had to be high raised due to lack of ground covered
the city is packed with skyscrapers and the night view is awesome
the city also has very good economy status
i dont understand much about the system but i know its very developed.
the population there 95% are Buddhist and many of them are from china migrated to HK
the jurisdiction system is unique where they have 2 saperate goverment one is the people republic of china and macau.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

a visit to pak cik put's house

hoho kak noi ade..
fadh and zizul pon ade
kak noi and her two children yg comel ade di rumah pak cik put
hoho it was nice seeing khairin and harris back
mule2 khairin was so grumpy after a while dia jadi comel heheh
harris was macam biasa comel
pergi umah acik put nak mintak tolong fadh burn kan cd windows 7
hehe credits to fadh!!
anyway pergi main2 update blog pastu balik
tgk world cup kat risyadh..
ceh...holland menang 1 kosong
pastu proceed tgk ghana lawan australia...
i want ghanna to win actually!

mira balik maktab

hoho tadi hantar mira pergi subang airport
naseb bek subang dekat je mama bawak laju giler
then we hit something tayar lori yang meletop
pergghhh then somthing beneath our car mcam ade bende seret
kitorg cabut ar bende tu
biler sampai airport
muke mira adopi monyok je..
sepak kang
pastu pergi beratur kat line
haha pastu ternampak nabil
pergh tinggi pastu malu2 plak
rupe2 dgn mak dia..
pastu jumpe ustaz mira dengan english teacher dia
hahaha gossip ag padan muke
pastu dah hantar mira naik flight
enjoy time!!
pergi makan BIG APPLE!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Haris comes to visit

suprise visit dari ucu

tapi ucu datang kejap je..

jap g nak anta mira pergi airposrt plak :)

ehh sakit prut tapi tak nak la g toilet..hem..


tadi cari kable kehulu kehilir cari kabel camera

nasib baik jumpe :)

kat dalam kotak HP :)

ala hadiah father's day tak beli lagi..

nanti lah cari

papa nak english lather mane la plak aku nak cari bende tu..

adoi ai....

world cup in risyadh

pergi tgk bola dekat risyad..

papa la nak sgt tgk

german fought badly

thinking that they were going to win tapi sebaliknye yang berlaku

beaten down by serbia

serbia memang patut dikalahkan

dulu serang bosnia sebb agama dia..


harap2 they wont advance tu semi..

cant wait for another secene of ITALY play..

around KL

mentang2 la aku cuti

semua org suruh aku yg amek..

mama was like

kakak tolong amek mama kat office luckily i had done all chores kat umah ni

tapi byk lagi benda tak buat

baju bnyk tak lipat ag and bju byk tak basuh ag...

naseb bek pinggan dah basuh

mira plak tak bgun ag...

sempat lak i minum coffee..nescafe tarik sedapppp :)

anyway after that travel to KL nak g amek mama

dah la nak p sana minyak takde and my pockets are empty

so kitorg redah je la

sampai office mama

minyak zah zero

tapi still drive sampai stesen minyak yg agak jauh gaj

dekat stesen minyak mobil dekat Jln Kelang Lama..

dah la kene tgu mama kat office dia..

sambil sambil tgu

hehe praktis la cakap bahasa cine...

yerk ape ye..

mh hou yisi it means pardon me

and thats like the only word ive gone through to remember..

anyway on the way balik tu terserempak dgn kereta bernombor plate MA hehe :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


sebelum g jalan2
pakai contact lense geolense yang baru dapat
i was thinking of purple eyesahdow
silver is nice to
next try is plum..:)


kitorg was fooling around before seeing toy story
duet tak de tapi nak pg tgk gak!
toy story mantap!!
pas tgkp gmbr baru perasan gemok...

what i did yesterday

yesterday was full actually..
in the morning i had to drop my sister in sunway..
apelah budak tu nak buat pon
pergi outing dgn kawan2 sume laki plak tu
naseb bek muke sekor2 'harmless'
tapi si gonjeng tu muke dah la macam bruce lee..

then mama plak call kata suh amek dia nak tgk prince of persia
so i wen to her office
nak amek sampai kat midvalley dah pukul 12
parking tak de lama cari baru dapat
then org beratur ramai giler kat wayang
so tak jado tgk wayang
we went to metrojaya
mama nak tgk beg
naseb bek tak beli
mahal plak tu beg
dah la beg tu macam berg yg ke 109 kat dalam bilik kat umah
next pujuk mama untuk beli modem yeah!!
dapat so sekarng surf dengan bestnyer!!
tapi beware of lightning
rumah ni asik kene sambar petir je!!!
pastu pergi makan kat dunkin tak eventfull pon gossip je
before balik beli GALAXIE!
ade poster twilight
edisi ni best sbb
ada poster
1. twilight besar2 kat cover
2. selena gomex
3. prince of persia

ada comments pasal prince of persia serta gambar2 :)
balik dari hantar mama office kene amek mira plak
hai penatnyer!!
dahla minyak takde naseb bek mama bagi duet
tol lagi nak kene bayak
letih sampai umah kemas umah ag..tapi takpe bagus bole kurus :)


we saw TOY STORY 3 tadi
it was so much fun!
pasni nak download toy story 1 and 2!! best
sume yg g tgk budak comel2 kecil!
dalam movie tu BONNIE is so cute!!
woddy, buzz lightyear, jessie, bullesye, slink, the aliens, mr and mrs potato, pork chop and barbie..

favoruit part of the movie:
1. when they try to escape from sunnyside
2. when they tried to escape from the dumpster and was saved by the claw!!
3. when they find their way home
4. when andy donated them to bonnie

i had so much fun watching them i am a cartoon girl sometimes and i love it!

Karate Kid

waaaa cerita ni best because JADEN SMITH berlakon
he grown up already
he makes some funny sences
and the action stuff is awesome..
JACKIE CHAN was ultimate sifu whos so awesome

the story was nice because
1. its in china!!
2. its kung fu not karate
3. it shot diffrent places in china and it was an awesome experience even if youre not there its still awesome
4. the signiture move of karate kid is still in the movie!! smart giler
5. video clip jaden with JB is awesome
6. budak perempuan cina yang comel

downside of this movie is
1. jaden kept on looking at the camera! it was funny but yeah..
2. the movie is in mandrin..buat la cantoneese senang skit nak paham.. takpela at least ada subtitle.. its not HK its china..what do you expect

prince of persia

haritu pergi tgk prince of persia
mula2 mama nak ikot tapi tak jadi plak...
cite dia best sebab
1. gemma cantik
2. cite dia bole masuk akal
3. takla nampak tipu sangat
4. aksi dia memang best!!
5. ala jake gallenhan biasa je tapi buat stunt sendiri best!
6. walaupun banyak grafic tapi still ok..
7. loghat depa pakai bersesuaian
8. dialog sesuai dgn zaman dahulu
9. dressing cantik

cite tu kurang menarik sebab
1. kata tanah suci pastu agama tah pape..buat la realistik skit
2. nampak sangat uncle dia jahat...dah tau dah dari start cerita
3. pastu sangat hollywood hero tak mati dah tak calar walaupun kene serang bertubi-tubi

so all in all yang best lagi banyak dari yang tak best...
nak tgk second time!

what we did in the holidays


1. prince of persia!! AWESOME Gemma sangat HOT AND WELL Jake was OK la..
2. KARATE KID dgn mira and JADEN was awesome jugak
3. pergi DUNKIN DONUTS ngan mama
4. TOY STORY 3 pulaks!!! awesome!!
5. Prince of persia lagi skali sebab mama nak tgk :)

last day in IM and 3rd year

its really sad to leave 3rd year
but moving on is definitely more fun than moaning about the past!
3rd year is full of adventure and self discovery..!!
i discovered that i studied more in surgery..
well it started off with in public health i studied but i didnt managed to get an A sadly
i still havent look at my results i know its bad but i cant help but not to see it..
im afraid it my ruin my holiday but then again
we all must face our own fears...
year 4 is really an anticipation..
but before that let us enjoy the beuty of holiday shall we!! :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

friday morning :)

yeah! wake up another day to a brilliant morning!
pagi2 dah buat chores dah
and now drinking coffee with my new MUG i bought in aquaria :)
erm sambil surfing the web i search on HILLARY DUFF and MILEY CYRUS..
these two are my favorite actress!
i love Hillary duff..well coz shes beautiful and funny and talented and well shes going to come with a book soon!
owh cant wait!
but the thing is the book is all about girly girly stuff
but for her sake!
im going to buy it..
which reminds me i have a whole lot of other things to buy!
miley well shes with liam now..
not much about her but i kinda like hannah montana
i mean more than selena gomez and demi levato
probably because hannah montana is much more funnier :)
yeah i know :)


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

acute appendicitis

pada tanggal 11 april lalu
satu kejadian lawak telah berlaku
after i was eating my rice and chicken that i cooked i drank teh which also i bancuh sendiri
then tiba2 at 5 o'clock i felt pain in my RIF
then the pain got steadily increasing in intensity and it is worsening
the pain is a sharp throbbing pain
it does not radiate and it is localized in the RIF only
the pain is exacerbated when i moved and relieved slightly by laying still
on PE that i conducted by my self haha
there is no guarding the abdomen is soft tender on RIF
no rebound tenderness kot haha

pastu pegi la hospital
the funny thing was
my URINE and FBC was clear
no abnormality detected
so i was allowed to go home
the doctor said i may not have acute appendicitis but probably ovarian torsion..
so i was discharged with ANTIBIOTICS and PARACETAMOL

this is funny because
1. im not having fever--> so i don't know why they gave me PARACETAMOL
2. im not having fever or malaise --> so i still have no idea why they gave me ANTIBIOTICS
if my FBC is clear why should i take antibiotics??
if it is prophylaxis what is it for then?
prophylaxis against what??!! perforated appendicitis ke?

the question is can acute appendicitis happen without fulfilling the ALVARADO SCORE?

2.nausea and vomiting
4.migrating pain
5. RIF tenderness
6.rebound tenderness
7. neutrophills
8. leukocytes

Saturday, April 10, 2010

rumah nur hikmah

so untuk melengkap kan credit hours for YM kitorg telah menawarkan service membasuh rumah nur hikmah yg terletak di kajang
sungguh seronok saya ditugaskan untuk memasak dan ia sangat menyeronokan!
first kitorg masuk dapur erm..kita patut kemas ni ade bau sikit
so we kemas2 then wa bau sedap
tatapi barang masak sampai lmbat
dan kiorg terpaksa tunggu
hah sejurus jer barang masak dah sampai
kaum wanita mula menjalankan tugas
potong sayur, tomato, fish cakes, fish balls, sayur dan banyak sayur lagi..
diorg nak aku masak ayam merah erk..apekah hehe :)
tetapi berkat daya usaha kami telah bejaya menyiapkan satu hidangan yg cukup lazat :) (ayam masak merah, dan sup sayur) sangat healthy heheh
tengah potong2 tiba2 ade plak yg terpotong jarinye
kesian BIHAH!
tapi takpe bihah kembali bersemangat selepas berjam tunggu lamanyer kami menyiapkan hidangan ni ngeh ngeh ngeh :)
aku nad, midah dan tim berusaha sampai berpeloh peloh kat dalam dapur tuh..
mule mule masak ayam goreng nak sampai ranggup! sedap!
then msak sup sayur serentak dgn goreng ayam..
oleh kerana masak kawah make terpaksa pakai api besar tapi cam lame plak tgu nak masak
kesian new students kiter tak dapt nak mkn..
sorry la guys kitorg cube sedaya upaya msak dgn cepat.
pastu mask kuah merah plak..
ni kelakar
mule dah tumis bawang blend tu bau tak naik2 tgu la..
bila dah naik masuk ginger..
pastu masuk chili boh..
dah pastu letak tomato sos..dan air asam jawa
garam dan gule..
mula2 rase cam ape yg kurang ag ek??
erm rase punye la rase..
mula nad, then aku lak rase,
then faran rase..
faran merasa macam buat jawab solan
dan masalahnyer ialah ade sesuatu yg missing tetapi tak tau ape
so aku pon letak garam lebih skit dan gule lebih skit..
hehe pastu jadi SEDAP!
then bila hidangan dah siap kitorg pon MAKAN LA!!
ei lapar nyer:)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


okay surgery posting almost over
seriously i don't have any intention of being a surgeon but this posting had triggered me so much
and it taught me so much
the lecturers were so full of knowledge that they seriously want to fill our cups.
coz seriously my cups is EMPTY but i think now i had over flowing of knowledge but then when i think back its just hallucination.
things that i have learned now is actually things that was taught to me when i was in second year medical school..
i am thinking now of being a cardiac surgeon hows that huh? :) sounds fancy huh..

tapi tgk dlu la..

but seriously this posting i noticed i worked harder that the last few postings..
in ONG i just posted more in the labour room but i have quite studied as much as i did now :)
seriously sampai buku libry tu dah lunyai i buat baca tau.. :)
im so proud of myself
however despite all of the things i had made a fatal mistake in physical exam of STANDING ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE PATIENT!!!!!!!
I seriously wasnt intend to do that i was ANXIOUS and really i PANICKED..
i just hope i really get good results in my exam coz i really wanted it so much!
so for my physical examination Dr Ali has kindly given me a 0 instead of negative markings..
im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo DEAD!

please ALLAH i need good grades in this posting please!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

car shopping

tadi petang pegi tgk kerete dekat showroom somewhere near chearas..
i dont know how much money they have but they surely have a LOT of awesome cars!
this weekend was kinda fun actually..
from the morning drop amir off at his house went for car window shopping
then mama nak pegi PUSRAWI...
and amazingly for the first time KL tak JAM! pukul 12.00pm OK!..
Then p bangsar..
hah situ jam ar..
dkt jalan tun sambhatan..
tapi situ jadi satu lane so conjested la of course..
dah lame tak pg bangsar..
pastu balik umah
TIDO jap
bangun kul 4.30 kemas barang configure modem mama nak pakai for her assignments then off im back to cyber..
on the way berhenti dekat ESSO..
i treat my self with ESPRiT strawberry sparkling water with my pointss..
macam seronok je pegi ESSO bole shopping spree..
i think that is whats like to have a credit card
hehehe..comming from some one yg takde credit card and i hope i dont ever need one coz the thought of paying it back is really a headache..
dah sampai cyber lap lantai and mandi
kul 7 went down for dinner at MAKTEH kali ni makan same je like before..
so now nak tgk wayang sambil wat case write up nghe nghe..
for these few days tak siap pon case write up tak mule pon actually *SIGH*!

Friday, March 26, 2010


okay im officially bored
last night i watched HOUSE MD
i was thinking maybe diagnostic is what i wanna do..its kinda fun
but i dont know yet
still i still have to finish out my degree
and further if i wanted to.
i was hoping i could go overseas to do cardiology
but im still thinking

its intresting enough yesterday i watched HOUSE the new episode
lots of things i forced my self to know so that i can study
these days are just hard for me coz im seriously lost all concentration to study
well i did finished up my case presentation but somehow i think thats just not enopugh
i still have my case write up to finish..haih

last night issue was
1. whipple disaese complicated by mitral valve proplapse
2. pheochromocytoma with menifestation of aneurysm
3. williams disease
4. chronic gastritis vs acute gastritis
5. H.pylori- premalignant
6. wilm's tumor
7. charchort triad for ascending cholengitis

i know i kinda of know alot of things but in exams i just could do it..
its HARD!..
i dont know what to do now..

Friday, March 19, 2010

aqiqah insyiriah

best haritu pergi umah abg syam tgk baby yg sgt COMEL!
unsyiriah dah la putih mate GREY!!
kalau pg umah kak tini mst ade baby baru heheheh :)
anyway haritu tak dapat plak pergi umah hana..hana nyer wedding anyway congrats HANA!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


went there coz considering its our last week in melaka
and it was fun!
so much things to see so much things to buy!!
letih tau dak..
tapi macam2 ada!!
cincin gelang rantai..
aaaaaa..rmbng mate!
chopstick :D ngeh ngeh
so sesape yg nak p jonker walk saya nasihatkan bg tau saya dulu sebab saya nak kirim :D

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weekdays in Terendak

A day in terendak is not like any other day :P

Walking by the beach at 5 pm

Dinner by the beach at 7

Lovely? Hell yeah :D

We had lots of fun

I mean stress in HOSPITAL we just chill by the beach

Aint that nice!! :D

Saturday, February 20, 2010

diet :D

snack almond to lose weight,
drink s glass of warm milk before bed to reduce stress,
eat mushrooms to boost immune system,
eat blueberries to improve memory,
to get energy and mood of love go for bananas and
to live longer stay for green tea.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


just now went to midvalley and of course we went window shopping..
hehe what we did today

firstly i was damn hungry so we went and eat at food court
-i ordered claypot which was the most expensive claypot i had ever eaten which is rm 6.30..
-nazif ordered chicken rice..
-before that tgk video meer meer nyanyi comey :D
-then i bought a clincher!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaa seronok!! at last i bought a black clincher..
-ok my money for this month is officially depleated!! urgh..
-pastu masuk studio R and i saw this NIKE bag PINK in colour and it is sooooo qute!! nak beli!! arghhh tapi rm 169.00 adoi..
-seriously nak beli!!
-then pergi beli mouse warne pink! at last i found a cheep one and its pink..
-tah pape tah kedai kat mid..nampak sgt suke ati letak harga kat carefour 20 dia jual 29 bongok..

any way i nak beli gak bag tu
but kene save duit nak g terendak nak makan ag
terendak rm250 chiss!!