Thursday, July 8, 2010

sepetang bersama chimei

memandangkan cuti ku tinggal berberapa hari sahaja lagi
i was thinking of spending my time with my friends
go hunt them down and well have a drink or two :)
so the luckiest friend i caught was chimei..
we had lunch on saturday..
she made it in KLUE urbanscapes POSCARD! and it was awesome
we had so much fun
and laugh
i told her about medicine
she was like grossed out
but thats life babe
anyway i got back and update my tumblr
not much to update but yeah..i kinda had it..
but on the evening i met with shila
dia dengan balak dia ada pulak
nect time maybe jumpe shila coz she is already registering for a new year in medicine UITM kat selayang
anyway thats about it i think :)

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