Wednesday, February 17, 2010


just now went to midvalley and of course we went window shopping..
hehe what we did today

firstly i was damn hungry so we went and eat at food court
-i ordered claypot which was the most expensive claypot i had ever eaten which is rm 6.30..
-nazif ordered chicken rice..
-before that tgk video meer meer nyanyi comey :D
-then i bought a clincher!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaa seronok!! at last i bought a black clincher..
-ok my money for this month is officially depleated!! urgh..
-pastu masuk studio R and i saw this NIKE bag PINK in colour and it is sooooo qute!! nak beli!! arghhh tapi rm 169.00 adoi..
-seriously nak beli!!
-then pergi beli mouse warne pink! at last i found a cheep one and its pink..
-tah pape tah kedai kat mid..nampak sgt suke ati letak harga kat carefour 20 dia jual 29 bongok..

any way i nak beli gak bag tu
but kene save duit nak g terendak nak makan ag
terendak rm250 chiss!!

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