Monday, July 27, 2009

im depressed

NOw im 24

in 3 years time
ill be 27
i finished my degree

then i have another 2 years
in housemanship
then i'll be 29

then i have to work with the government
for another 3 years
then i'll be 31

when will i get married??
when will i get babies :(

OMG its sooooooooooo depressing

can i just go to the US after 3 years

can i just live there and work there?

depress nyer

tapi kat sane ag tak best

coz mama papa mira sume kat sni

kne makan coklat nih

Monday, June 29, 2009

untimely death of the KING OF POP

i still refuse to say that he's gone.. i mean what he had left us with was something that last forever his songs can be listen trough out the decade..

micheal jackson died on the 25 june 2009, he died because of cardiac arrest but the problem is people are still not happy with the diagnosis they claim that he died unnatural death its annoying really.

i mean they are postponing his burial to do another autopsy for me they are stupid and really making MJ spirit restless..
they want another autopsy which will mulitiated MJ's body..
i totally disagree with the act..
i just wish that he can have a proper burial in an islamic burial ground..

MJ is still here his music lives with him..he live as long as his song lives

terminator salvation

terminator salvation was the bomb but i think transformers blew it off the chart..
terminator was alot of heart..start off with sam worthington (HOT :) ) aka marcus wright's journey, was transformed into a terminator finding truth in the world which he was not fimiliar with..

he woke up in 2018 and found out judgment day had happened and everything had been destroyed the world is ruled by terminator..

how ever charming marcus was he had no idea he was a terminator he walk into anton yelchin who is kyle resse in this film he plays john connor's father..kyle resse had saved marcus from being blown by t600 but i guess that wouldn't be a problem for marcus :)

anyway they had developed a bond kyle resse, marcus wright and star..

i really love the scene where marcus had to carry star *he was really protective at that time --> its so sexy*

later kyle resse were captured on a transporter after they had battled with a really big robot..

then marcus met blair..and travel togather to find blair's base camp..then later marcus beat the hell out off a bunch of creeps with his bare hands..that was something..

when they arrived at the base marcus hit on a land mine and got blown off..

John connor found out that marcus was actually half man half machine it was really intriguing..
anyway connor had to rely on marcus to free kyle resse because if kyle resse is dead then there is no future for connor..

the ending was sad because marcus trade his heart to replace connor's :(

sad ending for a reall strong story

2009 movie of the year

2009 movie kick off with superb terminator salvation..transformers 2..hanah montana the movie..17 age :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

yeah akhirnye jumpe gak

i love this one so sensual they look great togather..i mean kristen face is so nice..

taylor lutner..i saw their photoshot video he had to jump for like 5 times to get it right heheh

the cullens :)
theres emmet,edward,esme,carlise,roselie and bella

this is what ive been looking for vanity fair shots of twilight


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

things about me

well i like
+ maccaroni and carn=bonara
+i am thinking of doing maccaroni and cheese later on
+likes to go on vacation if can
+my perfect gateway is erm.. beaches and islands actually
-i love pulau perhentin kecil (it really relaxing)--> besides you feel like ure swimming in a swimming pool the waater is crystal clear
-pulau lang tengah i would like to go but its further than pulau perhentian huhu
+i love photography coz id like to capture moments in still life--> moments of really precious and like to capture anything really as long as it potray my mood at certain point of time
+cooking is just sampingan--> i cook when ever i can its not learning hoho but i would love to learn how to make cheesse cakes..cup cakes sweets and stuff yummy!!
+i love swimming--> really but could get it much this days
+i wish i have a BMW huhu
+my favourite tee will be my white shirt i have bunch of em..i like it coz its plain white tee's
+my favourite singer currently is tomok? hahaha..i just put that in temporary soon i'll get bored
+i'd watch TWILIGHT for the 7th time coz its soooooo i dunno cool? i dunno it just fits my mood right now
+i've just finished watching fast and furious 4 for the 5th time huhu
+now currently downloading star trek--> its a major kick ass movie please go see it..its soo emotionally intact plus die hard actions!!love it
+im never bored with paramore --> misery, its just in my mood right now
+currently thinking to direct and to act in a movie made by me ahhaha-->as if =p
+addicted to facebook
+pasted a whole bunch of diagrams on the living room walls hehe

Thursday, May 7, 2009

budak sekolah yg biadap

budak darjah tiga tapi biadap mak diorg tak ajar ade ke dia conteng kereta aku gune kapor babi btol dia ingat aku nyer kereta papan hitam ke..nyata anak tu memenag kalau aku dapat tak de maap la..mati kau aku buat..mungkin sbb tu kot ALLAH tak tunjuk budak tu kat aku..eiii.. geram tapi sbb sebenarnye ialah kesabaran jadi nak wat ape komplen kat sekolah sekolah pon blh wat pe diam je lah redha je untung untung dapat kereta baru BMW ke?? ye dak hoho..yela yela nanti aku kumpul duet bli kerete baru..

kereta idaman

Saturday, May 2, 2009

baru habis baca =p

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1:
The Lightning Thief

mule mule tgk cover cam tak best sebab tak de byk kaler pastu cam baca la review dia kat belakang..hoho kelakar gak buku ni..

its about a boy who is a AHDH and dyslexia but it turns out he is like this demigod who his father is Poseidon..can you believe that yeah Poseidon...i like the cool part when they all found out that he was Poseidon son's when his cuts were all heal when he comes contact with cool..anyway i knew Luke was going to betray them from the start anyway..

even though luke was good looking he's Hermes son..hahhaa anyway this book got me really interested in Greek mythology and stuff...its quite cool actually how they all comes up with this stuff

and FYI.. AHDH stands for attention deficit disorder=p

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


wa byk nyer anak patung!! best jual banyak banyak nampak budak budak yg sangat
gembira memeluk teddy bear nih!!

adek sayer yg poyo dapat nombor lime ader ke numbur lime LAME btol...

Monday, April 13, 2009

KLIA VISIT ^^ best gak larh

hehe ni pas makan sedap kat pejabat kesihatan KLIA

haha ni sebelum pegi KLIA cun tak?? ^^

Saturday, April 11, 2009

if anyone is intrested im looking for anyone who wants to rent an appartment:
the tennent must be:

- girls only
- malay & muslim
- working or studying

rent is only rm 1500 per month

3 bed rooms

if intrested call 013 665 2368

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Amir the DaBengapEmo hahahaaik main tangkap tangkap plak muahahaha..ucu tersepit ditengah tengah sambil memikirkan how to use a camera phone "ooo rupernyer tekan butang kat tepi ni.." hohoho he makes my dad look really clever with phones muhuuuu....
anti JA, ayah WE, anti MA !!..
HAHAHA saye berjaya menculik makhluk besar nihhhh cube teka name dia sape?? hah jangan terkejut name dia seolah olah mirip ngan pemain bola yg hangat diperkatakan sekarang... nama dia muahmmad arif zakwan..hah ade macam aidil zakwan kan kan kan hehehe..

insight view of the HOUSE

a frekin fridge =p canggih gilerrrrr..hawhawhaw..
dinning set nih antique warna outih..table marble..ala counter top and bar tak tangkap la kalau tak made a ghood impression of the kitchen upstairs..owh umah ni ade dua kitchen satu wet kitchen satu dry kitchen..nak buat ape kitchen byk2? sebab nak buat bomb HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!
meja makan putih...sofa hitam..hoho
hahahhaha lampu yang banyak giler bulb!! canner lanak tukar nanti hahahaa =p

Saturday, March 7, 2009

umah ayah we kat tmn TAR

fuhhhh gempak siot centekk..[betol..betol..betol!!!] best lah siap ader aiyo terjun ag ngan kolam pastu tak berdinsing ag fuih!!bestlah furnish dlm pun class b nanti kita wat umah cam gini lah k..

chor gayah's farewell gathering

chor gayah's leaving to quensland, we all gather one last time at chor gayah's house..ho ho it was ok lah anti ma oso turun padang well are all my other cousins eh?? suprisingly syida was there anyway we had a great gathering with many pictures..hoho humyrah dah besar comel nak gigit jer pipi dier..hoh muhamad arif zakuan pon dah besar!!!geram rase nak gigit jer!!!
ceh papa sorg jer tak turun umah ayah we cantik..nanti nak wat umah cam ayah we gak larh;p

Friday, March 6, 2009


BLS CAMP seronok sangat sampai sesat..
sejam sesat tapi tempat tuh alah senang ajer nak pg hoho

we had our BLS CAMP kat nur sg merab
best best gak
tapi i dah la sakit demam sakit belakang neck stiffness sume larh..pastu tak le nak wat sit up=(
so balik jer dari BLS terus g jogging sebab prof IKRAM kate kat TERENDAK nanti diorg tak bagi can =( alahai...

da la baru habis CNS finals tak rehat ponnn
anyway we had a fun time walaupun tidak ader camers tapi ader lah sikit gambar gambar

so kawan kawan please upload gambar BLS yersssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tgk ha siap berbalut ag tangan excited kak ros, nad , ain , ida sume balut balut org..i enjoy jer kene balut hahahahhha....tgk nurul pon ade gak..nana pon nak amek gambars..=p