Friday, November 28, 2014

Big Hero 6

haven't updated my blog since ages
literally to much things to do

went to watch this awesome movie 3 weeks ago

it was AWESOME!!!

with a catchy town name haha san franstokyo

it wasnt at all disappointing
with the cute BAYMAX
perut besar dan gebu
serta comel
walaupun kungfu still comey jugak
cried many times durig the movie

well it is about this boy who lost his brother
then to avenge his brother death (or actually half of the time he has no clue what he is getting himself into)

accidentally discover a sinister plot using his own technology (i know its complicated thats-why-you-have-to-go-see-this-movie) haha

well in the end the boy discover that he had not lost his brother but he gain new friends
a job
a carear
a family
and well baymax
baymax was actually this robot that his brother made for medical purposes but this boy turn it into a fighting machine

agak menarik

u guys should watch! :)


P/S: seriously go watch