Friday, October 15, 2010


don't you hate it when you see your EX everywhere?
that is how i feel
and yeah he thinks he so great strutting around with his attitude
now wonder he was keen on dumping me
i think he got someone already
talk about disgusting
you should think of changing your face
he is obnoxious
and wears a mask
he acts nice in front of people
but i think Allah will balas what he did to me
and yeah i think he will die of heart attack
coz sape yg kuat marah byk adrenaline
which eventually causes HPT and soon dies of heart attack
kalau ade org nak kat dia pon bet she's a whore
i fucking hate you thank you
i think the reason of me being so fucking pissed is because i cant let it out
but i did already and yes he is a bitch
he acts like one talks like one and frankly he is one
yeah i still fucking care
that's my fucking problem
but hey its just rant cheer up gal ;p