Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weekdays in Terendak

A day in terendak is not like any other day :P

Walking by the beach at 5 pm

Dinner by the beach at 7

Lovely? Hell yeah :D

We had lots of fun

I mean stress in HOSPITAL we just chill by the beach

Aint that nice!! :D

Saturday, February 20, 2010

diet :D

snack almond to lose weight,
drink s glass of warm milk before bed to reduce stress,
eat mushrooms to boost immune system,
eat blueberries to improve memory,
to get energy and mood of love go for bananas and
to live longer stay for green tea.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


just now went to midvalley and of course we went window shopping..
hehe what we did today

firstly i was damn hungry so we went and eat at food court
-i ordered claypot which was the most expensive claypot i had ever eaten which is rm 6.30..
-nazif ordered chicken rice..
-before that tgk video meer meer nyanyi comey :D
-then i bought a clincher!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaa seronok!! at last i bought a black clincher..
-ok my money for this month is officially depleated!! urgh..
-pastu masuk studio R and i saw this NIKE bag PINK in colour and it is sooooo qute!! nak beli!! arghhh tapi rm 169.00 adoi..
-seriously nak beli!!
-then pergi beli mouse warne pink! at last i found a cheep one and its pink..
-tah pape tah kedai kat mid..nampak sgt suke ati letak harga kat carefour 20 dia jual 29 bongok..

any way i nak beli gak bag tu
but kene save duit nak g terendak nak makan ag
terendak rm250 chiss!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

okay PERCY JACKSON movie


i have watched percy jackson the movie and it was directed by chris columbus..well i expect it would be exactly like the book but yeah theyve chnged it..

and frankly i dont quite like it..
i love the book more coz it makes more sense then the film..
but any way you could actually say no to the effects..

but i like it even more if they follow the book
things that they changed in the movie:
-the fury was supposed to chase them to the bus
-supposedly percy saw the fates
-okay the Minotaur was awesome so freaky!
-where's THALIA's tree anyway?
-i thought GABE was supposed to be so sloppy and the house is dirty
-the houses should be in a U shape
-where is Clarisse daughter of ARES?
-i thought annabeth's hair supposed to be sandy colour not auburn
-percy didnt know that he was the son of Poseidon until after the catch of the flag!
-i know he was awesome
-and Luke, awh cant he a bit more handsome? hehe but seriously he looks like Luke
-yeah the only thing that made the story good is grover :D
-the lotus hotel do they serve lotus?

anywa y all and all it was fun to watch it i cant wait till the second and third become a movie! cant wait to see thalia :D