Thursday, July 8, 2010

we watched PREDATOR

and it was awesome
there was a lot of running
we at first it was a bit cliche
seeing the girl already knew about the predator
but what i like about this movie is it all make sense
in a sense that IT IS LOGICAL
not like tomb raider or any fictional stories
these people were choosen for a purpose and was dumped on an unkown planet
the awesome part was that the predator pick all the awesome bad ass to be hunted
1. black ops/ missionary played by ADRIEN BROADY
2. IDF (israel defence federation) - Isabele
3. saudi special force or something
5. FBI most wanted
6. some mafia
7. chech army
8. and a stupid doctor

but all and all the film was good especially ADRIAN
he made the story not look stupid
he actually did what he did in the movie
he read about lots of tactical stuff and basically did alot of survival stuff in the jungle
and it paid off
the movie was damn good i had to watch it again
but i think im the ioly one who understands it
coz i guess im a fan of PREDATOR since i was little
since my dad showed me this movie hahaha!
keep it up hopefully new predators will come out and even better than this
oh ya..the critics said its not as good as what i reviewed because i think the predator looks kinda week so they should have strengthen its character eventhough the predators only know how to screem and no dialog but yeah they have to look logical sikit kot.

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