Tuesday, December 28, 2010

miss you already

okay this is like my blog and updates on whats going on
last saturday we had a burst of emotion (or so you can say)
we went out la basically
met him at LRT station pick him up and went to fill up gas
then we went to ehem hehehe ALAMANDA!
the actual plan was IOI mall but the trafic was bad on the way back coz there is a car across the road with its wheel tercabut..
we wen to alamanda
and watched TRON thank god ticket byk ag mase tu
we ate hotdogs and pop corn
wow sayang! besar appetite you
well about me i eat moderate but alot of times
i capat lapar
huhu then after TRON we went shopping kasut asyraf
CANTIK! it was white
well i was the one suggested it! tak sangka dia suka gak hehe :D
then after beli kasut
g solat
pastu g jalan2 and makan KENNY RODGERS
oleh di sebabkan i teringgin sangat nak makan kenny
so we went la makan
sayang i tak nah rase and he LOVE the chicken there!
sedap kan sayang!
after kenny
we went for a walk
kat luar
then pergi beli NOMBOR DIGI!
whoooooooooooooooo now we can talk like 24hours NON STOP :D
after that we head back home
ala! nak lepak lama2 lagi :D
well this weekend is anticipated!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

what i did today

you can called it eventful
but in terms of joy blerghh not much of joy
except having a good workout and my baby asyraf called :)
today was just like any boring day
got up at 6 solat,
hantar mira kat KLIA
then we went breakfast at mc donalds
and we refill coffe like 3 times
then went to cyber mama siap vacuum ag umah cyber
i had the chance of workout on walkatainner for 10 minutes
then head to the POOL did only 4 laps unfortunately hahah
i almost drown because i smell something good in the air..
gasping for breath!
then did crunches like 50 *but i dont think it works coz i still have my flabbs*
omg! im going to see my baby bunny this saturday and i look like a blue hypo
im so going to starve myself tomorrow :(
baby sayang i miss you so much!
thanks for calling tadi!!!
hehehehehe miss your laugh everytime i make a joke :)
after cyber went to bank and bank in next sem fees :(
then went to eat at precint 14 this arab shop
unfortunately it wasnt as tasty as the arab shop kat bawah cyberneo
after that i went back home
now waiting for my baby to finish tahlil so we can have a cozy chat ;p
miss you darling!

we have a date tonight okay :)

owh my GOD!

wants me to do crazy stuffs
like watching pictures of people posted on tumblr
they are so Fuck!ng skinny!!!
it makes me want to like starve the whole day!!!
argh how can i get a beau body like that!!
then i phone
urghhhhh just makes me crazy!!!
can i have so lean body but eat what ever i want :(

Monday, December 20, 2010

first day of holiday

harini sangat penat
konon nak fill in the days so that it looks buzy but not super buzy!
what i did was
bangun pagi pas subuh
bukak gmail
and realized that we had not done the voluntere sheet information in bm
so i pon gelabah la
then submit kat pn firdous
then at 9.00 selepas berhempas pulas kejut mira dia tak mau bangun
i pon kuar umah menuju cyber
on the way berhenti kat esso
since they dont have tuna puff dah which was awfully sad!
i choose to eat hod dog which was yummy JUMBO HOTDOG okay ;p
with my morning coffee
then head towards main campus at cyber
sampai cyber at 10
then my darling sayang asyraf called
layan baby i jap..miss u sayang!! :)
then go to see pn firdous
buat paperwork which was like 1hour
then at 11 pergi kl
first singgah rumah dulu
amek ic mama dan juga extra baggage 'amira'
pastu head towards KL
then g ijn
dah lah jam
then sampai IJN lunch hour plaks! what!!!!
well we were like takpe lah come back nother one hour..
i went and pick mama from papa's office
went lunch kat felda
pergi balik IJN
then submit research paper 15 copies to which only took like 2minutes je -____-
then pg midvalley
midvalley satu hal
masuk je mid takde parking
warghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnak ngamuk je rase -_____________-
tapi last last dapat parking huhu (>.<)v
then g solat
beli donut
pastu g kamdar beli samping anaqi huhu (^.^)v
drive balik jam ag..
wahaaaaaaaa pnat
sampai jln kelang lama isi minyak kat esso
pastu pergi am bank
pastu g hsbc kat ioi sane tuh
pastu g public bank
pastu ni baru sampai umah :(
umah besepahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
pening pala
pagi tadi tak sempat nak kemas huhu :(
tapi malam ni
nak happy
nak date dengan baby i :)
sayang! tights and chubby cheeks kan??
love you :* muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

can't wait for tonight!!!!
kita date tau!!

XOXO :*muahhh

Sunday, December 19, 2010

sayang you sangat

hari yang sangat gembira
kuar ngan my darling asyraf :)
it was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
love you sayang
and yeah KFC tu memang pelik
i mean kalau tak jual air sekali ngan box tu at least cakap la kan??
what la..
you're unbelievable ok!
harini satu hari jalan2
wow asik kuar ngan u jalan2 jauh
tapi tak rase pun
and yeah sg besi and my home its like 20 minutes je!
so boleh la i jumpe you selalu!! *wink wink*
hehehhee can't wait for next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (^.^)v
i love you so MUCH!

XOXO sayang!

Friday, December 17, 2010


okay supposedly after exams i should be on a holiday just chillin right?
but i cant do that
i have like tones of work to do
isha went to Thailand already by now
everybody is like somewhere across the states
we have sunnathon in melaka
which im afraid im not going
my baby juara just broke down RIGHT AFTER EXAMS!!
baby nape tamau start??!!! :((((
anyhu baby juara now can start but i think dia nak minum kot so tomorrow mau hantar dia pergi cek minyak air bateri sume ok?
and yeah i have to take care of mama
bills to pay
phones to look for
sim card to buy hehehe
anything for you my darling sayang!
anyway its saturday can't go out that late
papa will go beserk plus rumah bersepah
maigadddddddddddd how la want to relax like this???
i seriously need a good massage kan sayang??? ;p (wink wink)
im missing my sayang, which by this week he'll be hell buzy :(
i miss you!!! :*
can't wait for our next date ;p
huh i think this is for now
next updates coming up soon :)

p/s: i love you sayang :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

my sayang! this is what i did when i had free time :)
i had this idea since like before exam lagi
tapi takde mase
so skarang baru nak buat :)
yang, you buat ni jadi wallpaper you ok?? hehhee :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

monkey comes to visit

my monkeys comes to visit hahahha :)
monkey monkey monkey..
amira sangat vain
amir lak emo papa tak kasi pergi genting
owh get over it lah amir there's nothing up there anyway
lain la kalau genting tu menara KARIN ke
nak gak pergi boleh dapat awan guling satu hahahaa
amira please, you're taking up space in my camera's memory card
plus you have like 10 pictures of the same pose..
i have no idea what you're trying to do haha..

Saturday, December 11, 2010


guess what happen last night??? ;p
ala nak cerita balik pun malu *blush*
ok story goes like this..
i was on the verge of reading chronic heart diseases
when suddenly my eyes started to think for them selves and go cox eye,
so as i was struggling to stay awake i was wondering why my darling asyraf hasn't called yet,
i think he might be busy,
i was literally yelling to my eyes to stay focus on page 1111 and it was a failure
what i read was something like janduadhudhfdlsfjksdfu and obviously i seriously need to go to bed
so i shut down my computer, off the fan and lights
i head back to my room and turn off the lights and lock the door,
i propped down on my bed and i took my phone and i msg asyraf
me: sayang i nantok la, u dah tido ke? (thinking why he hadn't called)
i waited like 5 minutes and no reply (yeah like he'll reply that fast, huhu)
so i decided to call him,
then this weird thing happen,
i call him but there was no tone and i was like
s#@t why couldn't i get through?
i mean is he talking to someone else on the phone and i couldn't get through?
i was starting to panicked but i try to stay positive,
so i dial his number using my maxis,
and it went through but after 2 tones i hung up,
later he called me
dahaaaaaaaaaaa i was soooooo HAPPY coz for a moment there i thought he was avoiding me huhuu.. :(
anyway we talked and i was only saying i wanted to sleep and told him what i had done today
we we're talking about how we feel
then suddenly he said
asyraf: ma fatima, happy tak u jadi girlfriend I?
and i was LIKE
me: HAPPY! (I mean at last declare jugak kan? ;p )

and for a moment there i was like flying
my face was so hot i think i could cook eggs on it hahahahaha

i mean seriously that was one of the best moments in my life! :)
and seriously i had NEVER never ever feel this way \(^.^)/

then i was like
me: sudi tak you jadi boyfriend i?
Asyraf: NAK ah!
awwwww sayang! you are so SWEET!
so we declare and it was 12/12/2010 perfect timing?
should say so myself:)
anyhow love you sayang!

XOXO!!! (hugs and kisses for you)

Friday, December 10, 2010

so my wallpaper right now

sekarang curi mase sedikit untuk update blog kejap
tadi dapat gambar sayang terus jadi wallpaper..
hehe byk notes and icon tak sempat nak kemas desktop
nanti lah i clear kan baru leh view muka u ngan lebih jelas hehehehe :)
yang i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks cakap ngan i sayang naik sikit semangat nak study....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

i am supposed to be studying but i cant

im supposed to be studying but i cant
dah rase macam tepu je ni
rindu kat asyraf,
tapi kene study,
today asyraf ade exam,
exam tactics (or so i have no idea, sorry sayang im really blur on this (^.^)v,
i was studying on slipped femoral epiphysis
it still wont stick in my mind
i mean whats the diffrence between that and Perthe's???
omg! ORTHO is so HARD!
i hate you ortho...

can we talk about something more exciting?
yes sayang talk about you :)
lagi best kan?
can't wait for my exam to finish
i can cook you tomyam :)
miss you lots sayang!!

XOXO (its hugs and kisses by the way ;p)


today it didnt go that well..
i had body ache and i ate like 3 pills of different meds
anti histamin, neurofen and mucolytic
well i think its best if i took clarinase just but what ever..
asyraf still havent call...
owh miss u la :(
i know you buzy just hope you call tonight okay :]
anyhu struggling to study my back ache is so f@#$ing worse
omeh...akit la...
i just hope the questions are easy
dr hairel did mention that its going to be easy
he looked kinda worried that i was to f#$%ing stress out hahaha
well thats lyfe ya'll
and by the way
miss my asyraf...
till then
;P chowww

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

babies names

i know you guys will say..
nama baby lagi kan dd?? huhu
anyway its what i like and its for my future refrence jugak
anyhu its my blog so i can write anything that i want :)

first born i want a boy of course :)

1. muhammad adam :)
2. fatihah
3. muhammad arif
4. muhammad alyf
5. aiyesha

comeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

awak saya :)

okay semalam kuar dengan asyraf, comel tak :)
dia sangat comel :)
sayang asyraf saya :)
pergi mane je?
hem pergi makan dunkin donuts :)
suka? mestilah!!!
pastu pergi jalan2 :)
what i like most about him?
responsible! to himself, friends GOD and enviroment..
suka jalan2 semalam tapi kalau blh duduk lagi best
knee cap nak tercabut tapi control senyum je sepanjang jalan hehe :)

antara lawak2 yg terjadi semalam

asyraf: eh mata you berair..
ma: tak lah mata i bersinar
both: hahahahahahahah

asyraf: ape tu?
ma: rantai (rantai bentuk love)
asyraf: boleh bukak tak?
ma: boleh guna batu
both: hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha

owh so sweet you nak i letak gambar you eh :) later i letak k wallpaper kot ;p
miss u already lah... :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

the boy who i havent met

though i havent met you, i like you already, u laugh at my jokes, you laugh when i laugh, u think im funny when i tell the punch line wrong, i know its recent i know were different but somehow i knew you knew that i need you and you need me too :) its an amazing feeling.. i just hope you wont give up on me easily, you have a strong heart you believe in things that no one else have faint heart on, you see things differently as i am seeing things different from you and everyone else, its different but it dosent mean its bad, it's just different, i'll try my best making you happy as you have already did from the moment you say hai :) you got me at hai and hopefuly i wont loose you at goodbye and just so you know you're amazing :)