Sunday, September 26, 2010

abg shahril's wedding

another one of my abg sedara
is getting married
and i got a hold of kak linda's kamera but yeah
think i like pictures in my camera for some
anyway it was a cool thing to hang out with my family
but in the end all of us had diarrhea
and pity my dad he was the most affected
he vomited alot
anyway the wedding was awesome
i love the DAIS though very pretty


is awesome :)
i get to play with babies
this year we have many babies
and eventhough its not mine im still happy
coz if its mine i think i'll have a headache thinking on how am i going to manage a baby
and yes still i am so not studying
i cant help it!
i have been depressed for the past one month
insomnia and all
but hey im BACK!
right on to business :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

omg! DONNIE YEN is soo mouthwatering!

omg! just watched flash point and it was awesome
donnie yen should receive the awards for best action director
he was so amazing the kungfu was totally awesome
it made predator looks like bedtime story
and yeah he was very very very quick!!
it was like wow!
but i think they should have more precaution
i think he injured his facial nerve in this movie
in the movie he had bang his neck (cervical) on the railing
omg! that is a serious injury okay!!!
anyhow the movie was awesome and now i want to download shanghai knights pulak
nak tgk Donnie Yen in action ag.. ;p