Saturday, November 3, 2012



so long i havent updated my blog :p
many things happening
1. started working
2. got salary
3. almost finished my salary dang!!

first it was my laptop yg rosak
no my iphone wat hal

nvm..i still love you my iPhone!! hehe

best nyer dapat guna macbook..
baru tahu it can sync with all my devices
bahahaha gila kuno..
errrr i like work
i like the payment
its just i hate that i spend so much
but when i look back things i spend is actually things that i need

tp sampai beribu ribu spend ni ape ceriter!! warghhhhhhhhh :(((

cepat lah gaji masuk...huhuhuuhuhu

kenot la like this must monitor my spendings..
i am the worst shopaholic ever!

to my secrete admirer thanks for the flowers!
if i knew you i belanja u makan!

pls show your self before my gaji habis hehehe :p

till then


p/s: dear secrete admirer please be handsome heheh :p