Friday, June 25, 2010


so my next research is on firearms
nak tulis buku kene la ade research kan :)
well my next post is on guns that i like
actually after doing an extended reasearch (which however mostly is skimming through) hehe
i decided the most intresting firearm that i fell in love with is the pump action shotgun
i love it because it looked cool hehe
and yeah i love short barrel shotguns
i love shotguns compare to
-machine guns

1. short barrels are short it means its lighter and well you can actually store it compare to long ones
2. its pump action means its auto loaded not like break action you have to put in the slug manually
3. its durable compared to a rifle
4. you can shot more than one, if its rifel you can only shot one time (well there are other rifles but im talking about shotguns)
5.its actually gun for dummies, so if you use shotgun it basically hit the target with multiple bullets, so it gives a wider coverage
6. the bullets are initially meant to harm the target instead of killing it so its really safe.

yeah i dont like semi autos because yeah its expensive and for me its prone to get malfunction because automatic guns serve to be highly maintained
automatics and semi auto guns must be serviced occasionally because the parts are easily malfunction as for a pump action the cleaning process is less hard than semi autos because of less parts involves.
well handguns such as pistols and revolvers are not my thing especially not automatic pistols
they are small and compact easily hidden but i don't think they are user friendly
for one thing revolver only have 5-8 rounds of shot then you have to manually reload it which i think is really a mess, and the chamber bulges out so its not discrete anyway
pistols like semi automatic is really cool, you can fire shoots up to 20 shots but it needs constant cleaning, if not the spring will become loose and causing it to malfunction.
in machine guns, they are lighter and so the handling is much more out of control. you can easily miss aim with lighter gun.
down side of pump action shot gun is that it doesnt comes with detachable magazine, so you have to load the slug manually after a few shots

anyway all and all all guns have their advantages and disadvantages :)

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