Saturday, June 18, 2011

One day before class starts

I am not so thrill about going to class frankly ;p its not that i enjoy holiday so much bu yeah i like the not doing anything routine..
So lately what i had been doing is
1.main game cityville ;)
2.puasa and sleep all day long hahaha
3. Watch movies
4.making bags


Monday, June 13, 2011

X men revised ;)

Baca xmen
Turns out
1. Alex summers is brother of scott summers and nickname havok
2.xavier can stop time and interup ppls lives hahaha!
3. Mystique had an afair with azazel n got teleporter as a baby and he works in a circus n his appearence in the movie was in xmen 2
4. Cassidy aka Banshee can transmitt soundwaves
5. Casidy got a daughter name theressa can produce soundwaves as well n i think she dis it with a clap rather than voice n appearence in xmen 3
6. Rogue can use the power she absorbs


last week i went and watched PAUL, its not because i really wanted to too, its just there is no other movies to watch!
anyway well the story PAUL is abou this alien crash landed on a farm and he was taken by the goverment. and since he has powers and iteligence far beyond humans, he was used by the US goverment to build up the country. he gives advice to world leaders on how to manage the world basically.
so all of his knowledge were obtained by the goverment to make nuclear bombs yada yada... until one day he herd the women (sigourny wever) talking that he is to be exposed because all of what PAUL knows already obtained. what is left is to cut him open to obtained his stem cells for molecular regeneration.
yes PAUL can regenerate life.
the story starts when this 2 dudes from england travel to america for comic con convention. i forgot what their name was anyway, they were headed for area 51 where the 'aliens' was said to land there. they accidently hit PAUL's car. from there they helped PAUL to escape from the goverment and back to his home planet.
on the way they met this young women and PAUL made her shake her believe about religion (it was a bunch of nonsense and i really dont like this part)
anyway they girl was blind due to vitreal hemorrhage and PAUL cured him..
it was a long chase where they were chase by agent Zoil or so to say at first..
the adventure starts where they travel using their RV to escape.
the fun part was when they all passed out in the woods and in the morning they were thinking how they can go back to the RV without anyone notices paul.
so they dreesed up paul into a little cowboy...
before paul went back to space he wanted to go to the farm at which he was first crash landed to met the girl who saved him..
then from there they traveled to the place paul wants to signal his friends from outer space...

at last paul got to the area he wanted to go and set on the fireworks as signal for the aliens to pick him up...lastly agent zoil who at first we thought were hunting paul was actually trying to save him because paul introduced him to his wife..

in the end they all live happily ever after and the old lady who saved paul when she was a girl followed paul back to his home planet :)

wheat i dislike about this movie was there were to many cursing, inappropriate ones, with the weed and all, and the shake of religion thingy.. other than that paul was actually compationate little alien who can be invisible by holding his was funny when he did that hahaha ;p

anyways till next movie! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011


whooooooooooooooo! X MEN franchis telah sekali lagi mengeluarkan another film selepas mereka telah berjaya menerbitkan 4 film X MEN yang lain... so kali ni Matthew Vaughan membawa kita kemabli ke zaman silam di mana bermulanye X MEN nih.. it all started with Charles Xavier (James McAvoy who i am so amazed because i thought he was an american who fluently speaks english!) anyway charles met Raven (Mystique) when they were young and suprisingly charles is a very flirtatious young men at which he likes to throw pick up lines using his speciality in human genetics i.e mutens! then the story shifted to the other main character Erick lechster (Magneto) best frinds of charles. from here we know how Erik do time in prison in Poland and he was a lab rat by this professor exploiting Erik's power so that he can have an ultimate one...
later when Erik grew up full of vengence wants to seek the doctor sbastian shaw/ schdmit and kill him...
Erik had almost died if charles hadnt come and rescue him from being dragged down under the water by the submarine he was trying to raised.
soon after they became friends..
togather they discover a whole other mutans using the first ever cerebro..
in the first and second of X MEN films we saw the newly bulid cerebro by Magneto and professor X, this one was build by hank mc coy (beast) in the third X MEN hank became the muten ambassador..
so in this one we see less Advance weapons or set up because it was all in the year 1944-1962
the new recruits of X MEN was
1. supersonic aka banshee
2. angel- who can fly and spit fire balls
3. darwin- adapt to survive, he died killed by shaw
4. Alex Summers (scott summers brother)
5. Raven aka mystique

so they all battle each other and end up magneto killing shaw and became the new leader of the bad guys. and here we see how charles looses his ability to walk and always on the wheelchair..a bullet penetrate his spinal cord causing him paralysed from the waist and below..
it was a good movie by the way :)
like the movie cause
1. James McAvoy pulled it of with english accent!
2. the effects wernt to bad..
3. beast became blue because he injected himself with mystique cells
4. raven is so cute!
5. charles were realy in touch with eriks souls (i mean charles can feel what others feel, pain suffering and all)

down side of this movie
1. err alex can manipulate plates of laser but his shirt dosent burn
2. angel..omg come on la bagi la power yg best sikit
3. yang tornado tu muke macam zed zaidi haha

anyway it was a nice film!
watched it twice! :)

balik kampung

dah lama tak balik kampung so sesekali balik best gak..
perjalanan agak lama like 4 hours! sume jam!
jalan dalam mahupun jalan luar!
pastu tgh kat rawang tu terseremapk dengan bas amir yang nak pergi ipoh..kitorang cam babun lambai2 kat amir atas bas hahaha..driver tu siap perasan lagi kat mira kenyit2 mata haha!
pastu kitorang sampai kampung dah pukul bapa tah...
pergi makan kat kampung opah teh, opah busu nyer family pon balik gak..lame tak jum[a opah cu..kitorang g makan kat umah opah teh pastu jumpe la ayah muda baru sampai naik bas, he was trapped in jam for 9 hours..lagi teruk dari seremban naik bas 9 jam he left seremban at 7!
sampai bota kanan kak maya ambik..
jumpe akim..uih dapat iphone baru yer...sbb dapat 5a UPSR
amboi budak2 skg 5A dpt iphone aku dulu takde pun dapat pape hahaha..
anyway kamera pun takde so tangkap gambor pun tak banyak..
tak tgkp pun gambo bride and groom
nak cakap ngan kak dila pun tak sempat..husband diorang pun i tak kenal hahaha

lantok le..pas kat umah opah teh.. balik le ke kampung sendiri..
arghhh badan melekit la bepeluh so pergi lah mandi...malam tu makan ikan keli gorang! WAHOOOOOOOO lame tak makan! sodah! ngan tempoyak aish...sambil2 tu kitrang tgk hantu kak limah balik rumah..

si arif amboi gaya nampak macam tak takut sekali kuar hantu kak limah tau terkejut hahaha
dia dengan humairah sebuk nak main iphone..berebut..
mase tgh tgk cite siap boleh cerita balik pulak..hahaha budak2 ni comel firdaus yang comel tuh dah tido..lame sangat main kot pagi tadi..
sampai malam kitorang dah tak larat sume pergi tido..bagi susu humaira ngan arif sebelum diorang tidur..
pastu kite pun ape lagi la join tido sekali..sampai kul 11 mlm baru papa nak gerak balik..sampai umah around 1am kot...
so thats the story lah ape lagi nak cite..
ho bile lak aku yang kawen??? hum tunggu je lah :)


Thursday, June 9, 2011


Wokeh hari ni kita review filem kongsi pulak ye..

Kongsi ialah sebuah filem arahan FARID KAMIL..

So at first masuk panggung ingat cite ni cite aksi la tp pas lelame tgk la cite lawak rupenyer..

Mula2 tgk tuh I was windering to myself la "kenapa sam ni pakai skirt?" hahaha but the others yg tgk cerita tuh tak perasan sbnarnye dia pakai skirt wakakaka..then baby was like " shushhhhh tgk wayang la, tak boleh cakap" =.= hahahhaha

The story goes like this,

Ade satu mamat ni nama dia temulak, he was ordered to come to malaysia to kill gangsters in malaysia..

So his planned was to kill the gangster in every race macam india cina melayu la..then sume org tuduh sesame sendiri,

Dia dapat extra bantuan dari boss dia pakai sniper tapi dia ta reti pasang.

The police were looking la for this killer thought it was the works among of the gangsters, tapi last2 diorang dapa t cam la sape, and the one of the police (fizzi omar) kenal dengan temulak (sam) ni..

Because last time he used to teach temulak tomoi kat border of kelantan-thai..

Cakap kelantan tapi tomoi la..

So ade mixture of thailand and kelantan di situ..

After they identified the killer police went looking la for temulak from here he device a plan macam mana tak nak be so conspicuos in the same time nak tamat kan kerje dia lah..

He wanted to kill one more person mikail.. He nearly had mikail masa kat rumah dia tapi tak sempat nak bunuh coz pembantu rumah dia selamat kan dia..well the maid was actually a police undercover..then Mikail ran to save himself to Mat Jawa punye house...he asked his assistant (boboy) to pick up his wife and kids balik umah mak mertua dia..huhu I mean se gangster mana pun tetap jaga family na..

Pastu the whole gangster dah dapat tahu yang temulak ni la angkara they all buru la temulak..

Last2 temulak nak terjun masuk sungai KELANG tapi terperangkap dalam lumpur hhaahaha


Tapi bukan je lawak je cite ni...ade aksi turns out sam tu boleh gomo..hahaha so banyak la aksi tumbuk2 sepak2 lawan2 best gak..

Yang police car rase tu pun not bad la I rase for malaysian film..

What I like about this film is

  1. Bahasa thai diorang macam ori la, macam lagi fasih cakap thailand dari cakap kelantan hahaha
  2. Watak sam tu ok la
  3. Aksi not bad
  4. Car chase pun not bad


    What I think they should think about in this film

1. baiki la plot tu macam kelakar pulak..tapi sebenarnye film ni was made that way kot...tgk pastu tak payah pikir..i mean ye la kenapa boss temulak tu hantar dia pergi bunuh gangster..nak kucar kacir kan gangster tu pasai pa? I mean what's in it for him?


2. I think mmg banyak actress yg seksi2 tp tah cite ni kire sopan la gak..cume bile lari2 tu minah2 tu goyang2 hahaha..should shoot from different angle kot..


3. yelah yg last nak ending tu kenapa diorang kejar si temulak tu I mean kalau ade orang pijak kerete hang ada ka hang nak pi kejar depa, pastu tinggai keta hang terbukak? Pelik tak? Hahaha



Monday, June 6, 2011


Owh yeah the awesomeness has arrived!

This time its kungfu panda 2!

Craving for more of kung fu panda after the first one!

Seperti cerita kungfu panda yang pertama PO kembali dengan the furious five untuk menentang LORD SHEN yang jahat!

Lord shen telah mencipta satu senjata yang spit fire and metal serta telah mengalahkan master kungfu thundery rhino..dia bercadang untuk menakluki china dengan ciptaanya..

Maka dengan itu PO dan the furious five pun pergi lah ke bandar untuk defeat the evil lord shen!

At first the story starts with PO fighting a band of bandits at which tiba2 dia kaget apabila melihat logo di armor serigala hodoh itu..dia teringgat zaman kanak2 dia..

Dia teringgat mak dia mase dia kecik dulu..

Bila PO sampai ke bandar untuk mengalahkan lord shen dia menyingkap kisah2 lama sewaktu dia kecil dan apa jadi kepada keluarganye..

Rupa2nya lord shen telah meghapuskan semua panda2 yang ada di china..well mengikut dia la..but he didn't know that PO got away…

The reason why lord shen si merak ni nak bunuh snagat panda is because ade la seekor kambing biri2 yang telah mengeluarkan prophecy bahawa lord shen akan di tewaskan oleh pahlawan hitam putih..which basically they thought it was a panda..tapi TAPIR pun hitam putih kan? Zebra pun same kan?? Wkakakakka

But in the end PO telah menemui inner peace nyer dan telah mendefeatkan lord shen!

Last skali semua penonton akan terpegun bahawa bapak dan mak PO tak mati lagi instead they were living in a place balik bukit where they tanam padi and his father is also a kungfu warrior..!! How awesome is that?? :)

The cute part was when abah tiri PO jumpe po kat dalam a crate of Radish where every morning he will go and pick up his vegetable at the back of his noodle shop..

At first he didn't want to take PO in but he saw how hungry the poor little panda was and gave him pau to eat..the panda followed the trail of food and from that moment the itik decided to not make noodles with radish and keep PO instead.. He feed PO until he was so big!

He was so cute back then and PO is still cute now :)

Happy watching!

Best gile kot cerita tuh :)


Thursday, June 2, 2011

ice skating!

ice skating is the most painful experience i have ever had when im in 26yo..hahhaaha
yelah beranak lagi sakit kan..
aku tgk org lain ice skating senang je..aku ni susah betul nak skate sebab berat badn kot..tgk minah2 yg kurus2 tu senang je glide macm takde pape..makne nye aku kne kurus kan badan lah nih hahaha ;p sakit badan2 aku tau asik jatuh je! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
lagi satu skate tu ketat sgt lebam kaki aku aku pilih yg besar..besar sgt plak langsung tak le main....asik jatuh samapi ice police tu dtg nak heret aku keluar..wakakakkaa
pastu beli perfume kerete geram sbb bau dia macam sabun! haritu beli tak lak bau nih!
grrrrrrrrrrrrr pastu bila pergi hinode kat giant bau dia macam perfume yg aku selalu beli tu tak de la bau sabun! ape lah! aku rase menyesal plak pg sunway beli perfume tu kat hinode..baik aku pg giant je! ishhhhhhhhhhh! tgk bazir je! dah la bau tak sedap :(

grrrrrrrrrrrrr XOXO!

yeay mase g ipoh tempoh hari
aku ade beli diary baru!
sangat cute warna pink gitu!! wawawawwa! suke sangat!
comel tau!
i bought it coz dia ada planner notes friends list and to do list..
well calendar dia dah outdated but ok lah, i think i paste the 2011 calendar afterwards...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


KTM IPOH one of the historical buildings in Malaysia

abg mat's baby= amir..yg comel!me @ uda ocean IPOH..

yeah akhirnye pergi gak holiday
ala IPOH JE kot, macam jakun tak nah g ipon plak... tapi takpe lah
seronok je jalan2
travel gune highway rase kejap pulak, check in hotel kat regency tower hotel..
best gak la hotel tak suke org smoking boleh bau sampai dalam bilik =.=
first day sampai bilik dah kul 5 pastu siap2 then g makan sebab lapar sangat
we went to eat at medan gopeng punye bus terminal tuh..
ok lah best dapat makan sup ekor kat kedai d'amara..
pastu pergi umah aunty ma
makan lagih!!a iyo sudah kembong ini perot makan wooooo~~
sampai je bilik terus tido haaha!
then next day kene check out kul 12 so pukul 10 kitorg g turun makan bfast..banyak makanan dah habis...pastu pergi carik ktm jalan2 tgkp gambar pastu sesat lak tuh haha..
nearly 12 kitorg balik bilik pastu mama kat bilik extend sampi kul 5 sbb mama tak habis lagi..
pastu lepak kat bilik then pas zohor g ipoh prade jalan2
macam la kat kl tak de parkson kan?
nak gak pergi...mira la nak sgt pergi so pergi lah..
masuk kedai living cabin and bought a pink diary! seronok nyer!
pastu makan marrybrown eiii tak sdp :(
pastu pg masuk FOS beli subang.. :)
pastu balik
pergi dinner pukul 9 cam tu sampai sesat2
so pergi makan kat simpang tiga baoak kedai tu mahal
dah la jual sotong pagi tadi!
pastu charge rm10 WTH!
sampai je kitorg kat bilik sume sakit perut :(