Monday, June 21, 2010


well for the past few days i have been siting home
because i dont have money to go out..
duet dah habis so lepak rumah je
eventough so you realized that you do not have to go out
to know alot of things
if you have the web
you can practically go anywhere
so for my next story
i had to do a special reasearch on Hong Kong
and believe me i hadnt been there but i still think its really difficult to know more about that place.
coz its all in Chinese. yes in chines
well hong kong has 7 million people living in it and it is one of the most densly populated city in the whole wide world.
density population is there are about 6076 people living in 1 km square feet.
its houses are all had to be high raised due to lack of ground covered
the city is packed with skyscrapers and the night view is awesome
the city also has very good economy status
i dont understand much about the system but i know its very developed.
the population there 95% are Buddhist and many of them are from china migrated to HK
the jurisdiction system is unique where they have 2 saperate goverment one is the people republic of china and macau.

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