Sunday, March 23, 2014

MH 370 update

Day 16 of missing plane MH370

so far what has been done:
1. sighting of debris believed to be part of MH370 in the indian ocean on thursday 20/3/14
- pictures taken by a Geo-satellite captured 2 objects floating in the Indian Ocean taken on 16/3/14
- it took 4 days to reconstruct the image which shown 2 objects size approx 24meters
- Australian Prime minister Tony Abbot called Datuk Sri Najib Tun Razak, regarding the founding of the objects, and offered to send 6 aircraft inovling ORION, to search for the objects,
- of which believed to be part of MH370

Discussion with Datuk Nik Huzlan regarding the objects found in the Indian Ocean:
1. probably from the size and shape of the objects, its a horizontal flight stabilizer
2. most probably broken apart from the MH370, after the plane Possibly landed on by 'ditching'
which means the tail of the plane landed first

regarding the Search and Rescue:
1. currently search and assets are being deployed to the indian ocean for the search of the objects
- now assets deployment depending of the need of search and reduce
mostly the RAAF -royal Australian Ariforce are sending 2 ORIONS, to sour the objects and they are also sending POSEIDON.

a Merchant Norweigan Ship nearby was told to go to the location.

however after 2 days search for the object, it is still hasn't been found.

few television channels here had been discussing regarding search and reduce mission, up to this level.
Oceanographer expert had been called to asked regarding SAR in the Indian Ocean:
1. it is deemed to be difficult in view of the current of the ocean runs a 150 km/hr
which means 3600km/day --> after 4 days the object last seen in the location could drift to anywhere

another Datuk Huzlan's theory is that:
1. the Indian Ocean are vast seas, in which the borders of countries are very far, Australia, indonesia, india, Yamen, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Somalia.
the pieces of plane could be drifted and scattered all over the sea.

2. indian Ocean has these boarders means the debris would be swirling around the Indian Ocean and it is unlikely the would floating to other seas

3. once we identified the place of debris, search would be focus there, and like Air France, they found the wreckage after 5 days, and the black box was only found after 2 years, but it was at the same place as the plane, but the time to retrieve the black box was long.

says Oceanographic Expert, the current of the Indian Ocean is strong at the surface
the current is less down below, so if there is a wreckage, the body of the plane, might be there beneath the sea for a long time, it is a just a matter of where is the exact location to find the Missing plane.

4. by now Chinese settle reveals another images which shows some wooden planks, and seat belts varying sizes, the search are now focusing on the south part of the Indian Ocean.

6. challenges face of the SAR
- the weather forced the Norwegian merchant ship to sail back, and it is now up to POSEIDON US NAVY airship to take over the SAR
- however, the crew was given a 2 day of to rest before continuing SAR
- the SAR are now relying on ORION and another aircraft, from CHINA and JAPAN, which will be landing soon in RAAF to take part on the Search
NASA had also are scouring images from Earth Observing satellite with high resolution to point to clues of where might be signs of the Aircraft

next entry would search for more clues and possibly the sighting of the MH370 with hopes that the crew and passengers are on our best prayers....

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