Thursday, June 30, 2016


It been a while since ive last write in here
Since this ramadan month
All i do is cook break fast at home
Whch apparently had me save almost rm1000
If im in Kuantan mesti bukak pusa kat luar like every single day

So my post for today is i recently cooked ikan masak steam
With my shinny new periuk Noxxa
And i am soooo happy coz it worked
I mean if it didnt had to eat something else for berbuka :,P

Anyway here is the recipe:

Sos tiram
Sos ikan (but i repplaced it with minyak bijan)
Kicap cair
Bawang putih
Bawang besar
Ikan sikap siap siang and cuci
Cuci ikan dengan asam keping or air  limau

Lumur ikan dengan sos tiram
Letak ikan dalam periuk
Letak semua ingredient dlm periuk
Kemudian letak air sedikit
Tutup periuk
Tekan butang steam
Set kepada 15 minit
Pastikan steam release pada kedaan steam
Kemudian tunggu

Hasilnya walah suami menjilat jari hehe
Bila nak makan letak limau kasturi sikit
Sedap :p

Selamat mncuba


Sunday, January 31, 2016

The day i got married!

This was pass in 6/6/2014
Had to take 10 days of holiday to include our honeymoon
It was a toering day too
Too much drama
With the house being renovated and all
And the contractors were making a mess haha
Alhamdullillah the house siap jugak

Thank you to all of my family and those who helped!
you guys are awesome
makcik E tolong buat kan hantaran
my family helped with the preparation and kemas umah
awesome :)


Baby boy!

Had 9 months and a few extra days of carriying this lovely baby boy but it was awesome journey!
Thanks to my family and beloved husband

Walaupun tunggal sengsorang for past 1 month before delivery
Dgn multiple history of admission
Siap kne masuk high risk labour room for prem contraction
Kne cucuk dexa twice each butt
Which was soooo painfull!!
Admit pun sengsorang je yg pg settle
Husband takde
Nasib baik mmg ade beg standby dlm kereta
Buku pink pun dah tebal macam buku teks 
Berat pun tambah berganda2
Paling awesome at 16 weeks dah rase ada bende gerak2 sommersault dlm perut mommy hehe

After 9 months poP come out this cute little thing!
 Love u so much baby boy!!!

XOXO 😘😘😘😘😘

Saturday, January 30, 2016


haritu mama ade free tickets to USS
cidb punya family day
so i took a day off to go singapore

it was a really exhausted 3 days
but it was fun

firstly make sure your passport are upto date
somesay you cant enter with a passport another 6 weeks outdated

we headed to johor on friday
boboy drove the car

on friday we reached JB
and took a bus from JB to singapore
masuk woodland tu naik bus
we stayed dekat hotel grand blue wave hotel

that morning there is a bus pick us up to travel into singapore
before entering singapore we had breakfast at a local stall infront of the hotel
sensible thing to do
makanan kat singapore mahal la weh
baik siap2 makan kat malaysia dulu

then the bus took us into woodland
kat kastam malaysia kene turun
naik escelator masuk checkpoint singapore
kat sini changgih
masukan pastport kat mesin macam lrt tu
nanti dia scan passport
then we can get trough

pastu ade lagi satu check point
so kne turun 2 kali
satu checkpoint lagi kne isi whitecard nak masuk singapore

pastu dah settle sume
masuk bus balik
then the bus took us directly to USS singapore
before entering singapore the bus driver stopped us at a money changer
dont forget to change your money guys

ala mase pergi tu duit malaysia tak jatuh lagi so banyak la sikit dapat duit singapore tu
kalau sekarang tu berapa sen sangat la

it was an overwhelming experience
kitorang best la tak ngantok
boboy ngantok gila hehehe

dalam USS memang best
memula masuk jumpa Madagascar punye set
pastu ade rumah shrek tapi tak le masuk
pastu jumpa castle fiona
tapi line dia masyaAllah lama nye tunggu
tak sure ade ape dalam tu but the line was 1 hour wait so malas lah
then jalan2 lagi
jumpa shrek and fiona boleh tangkap gambar

pastu masuk tempat yg mummy tu cam ade dianosour pun ade
pastu ade roller coaster
then kitorang makan kat kedai burger ape tah nama tak ingat
mahal gak makan dlm rm50 kalau convert jadi duit malaysia

pastu jalan2 sampai sakit kaki
kat luar USS ade macam2
ade candylicious
tp sini ade candy yg tak halal jual sekali
so tak beli yg dalam rak
nbeli yg dah siap bunkus
alot of things kat luar USS
ade underwater world
tp ticket mahal so tak pergi
but kalau google it is quite interesting place to visit

next day kitorang pergi berjalan2 kat singapore
they brought us to eat at murtabak singapore
then went to see the merlion statue of singapore
pergi marina bay- there isnt much here to see
the botanical garden- very HOT!

then we berteolak balik that night
had dinner in singapore
it was a tiering day
bit it was fun

hope you guys enjoy the review


its been a long time  (acecece lagu Wiz Khalifa pulak) hehehe

but seriously my last entry was 2014??
seriously hahaha
was 2 years back :p

busy la since then kan

having a job

getting married

getting baby

perghhh nak buat review pun tak menyempat
banyak buat case report ngan research je kalau bukak laptop ni hahah
tambahan pula dengan internet yang 'laju gila babas' tnagan kat bahu mata jeling ke atas
susah nak updte blog ni

orang kata sejak kemunculan facebook, instagram and twitter people dont update blog as enough
usually i would have update my facebook so often
but now jejarang sangat
instagram pun sometimes je

so mari kita update kan blog ni hahaha


Friday, November 28, 2014

Big Hero 6

haven't updated my blog since ages
literally to much things to do

went to watch this awesome movie 3 weeks ago

it was AWESOME!!!

with a catchy town name haha san franstokyo

it wasnt at all disappointing
with the cute BAYMAX
perut besar dan gebu
serta comel
walaupun kungfu still comey jugak
cried many times durig the movie

well it is about this boy who lost his brother
then to avenge his brother death (or actually half of the time he has no clue what he is getting himself into)

accidentally discover a sinister plot using his own technology (i know its complicated thats-why-you-have-to-go-see-this-movie) haha

well in the end the boy discover that he had not lost his brother but he gain new friends
a job
a carear
a family
and well baymax
baymax was actually this robot that his brother made for medical purposes but this boy turn it into a fighting machine

agak menarik

u guys should watch! :)


P/S: seriously go watch

Thursday, March 27, 2014

sense and sensibility of MH 370

day 20 of MH370 went missing

Malaysians are trying very hard to solve this mystery and yet some organization are making it harder on us.

form what i see MH370 brings us closer togather

1. Ahmad Jauhari is MAS CEO
-he was devestated when MH370 went missing
- he is the man responssible of recovery of unprofitability of MAS in 2013,
returning MAS net profit of  51.4 milion ringgit for the fourth quarter, reversing 1.3 bilion ringgit loss last year 

2. MAS and boeing are facing lawsuit from the family members of flight victim MH370
from what i think these people are trying to get money
our goverment are searching to hard for the MH370 and its passenger, whilst these irresponsible people only think about how to gain money
did they ever think that riding a plane will be safe?
did MAS or boeing ever guarenteed any of their passanger to be safe on flight?
but boeing 777-200 had also faced lawsuit from passangers from accident in San Francisco last year

3. MAS record for accidents are few
worst was in 1997, when boeuing 737-200 was hijacked in Tanjung Kupang Johor and crashed killing all 100 people on board
the next worst accident was this MH370
for this MAS record for most safe flight is still not swayed

4. to answer why it takes so long for The Malaysian goverment to informed the public regarding news where the flight ended, only after day 17?
the data obtained was 4 days before the anouncement of MH370 flight eneded in Indian ocaean, 
analysis had been done from the AAIB coupled with inmersat engineers and satelite images, from these only the commitee decided that the plane ended there and i think many people out there who are throwing allegations saying Malaysian is hiding the truth, please think before opening up your pie hole. Malaysia is not holding anything back, the statement given by the authorities are what the journalist going to write on the papers or in the net, thus, any wrong statement can cause MAS stock market to go down.

5. in the midst of all this i think CNN has lost his credibility of its journalism
 without proper analysis of news they just wanted to boost up their ratings
just because somewhere from america the news was written it does not necesarly be true, 
OUR OWN news remains credible, simply becasue all of the info is from our prime minister who is directly involve in SAR

6. our SAR remains challenging because of the wether
SAR was on hold for 2 days due to bad wether, as the clouds were almost touching the sea

7. currently The US NAVY lent their towed ping locator to find the black box
however the black box only have a battery life that last for 30 days, currently the incident already 20 days ,
which means we are running out of time
the black box only left 10 days to be found by towed ping locator
if by 30 days we are still unable to accounter the black box a camera searching deviced might be used to locate the black box physically. some say they are using devices used by National Geography where they find the titanic under the ocean.

sonobouy by the US NAVY, thrown from p8 POSEIDON

The acting Minister of Transport Datuk Hishamuddin said we will not stop and tier of finding the aircraft.