Tuesday, May 31, 2011

POTC 4- on stranger tides

last week went to see this movie twice already! with my baby boo muhammad asyraf sayang :)
i wanted to watch kungfu panda2 but he wanted to see nur kasih but in the end we watched what we agreed on pirates of the Caribbean 4 on strager tides.. this time we venture to far more fimiliar waters..from london to the fountain of youth.
where an eunexpected turn of events at whcih kapten barbosa had turn to join the majesty so as to take on revenge for the captured ship of the blackpearl by the viscious blackbeard..
he was by far the most vicious pirates ever seen..yeah well coz he is using black magic of course..
anyways he was ruthless as he was very cunning..
in this story what makes it interesting is that penelope cruz! she acted as angelica who impersonated jack sparrow..
angelica is the true daughter of balckbeard and her intentions is to save his father from death..
because of a prophecy said that blackbeard will meet his death at the hands of a one legged man..
whom is kapten barbossa..
he lost his leg when he fought blackbeard and so seek revenge for his lost leg..
blackbeard wants to save his life set out to find the fountain of youth..but the only man who ever been there is jack sparrow because of the map he had stolen from sau fang in POTC 3 at worlds end..anyways angelica had tricked jack sparrow to board the Queen Anne'S revenge under the command of blackbeard....
they sailed according to the direction of sparrow..
who is too cunning on cheating death
at the end when they got to the fountain the spanish blew the fountain because they believed that this is pegan's water and only God can give eternal life..
who wants to have eternal life anyway...
blackbeard was slashed by the sword of kapten barbossa
and fell for his dying breath..
sparrow had taken the water in the sliver chalices of ponce de leon and drop a mermaids tear in the chalices for angelica to drink
at the end blackbeard died and angelica is granted with youth...
anyways another love story exciting was the mermaid and the religious man..
the mermaid was beautiful named seryna...
anyway it was a good movie..
and POTC is a good franchise.
i like the costumes, the accents i like everything..they work hard on getting the actual feel and i feel its real..
makes you wanna be a pirate :)

till then XOXO... :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

fast and furious 5

i cant remember when i saw this movie, but i went alone hehe
it was tempting and the movie was good since i had downloaded the illegal one..
huhu it was such an adrenaline rush!
it was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
the team assemble back..
1. dominic torreto
2. brian o connor
2. mia torretto
3. han
4. Tej
5. rome
6. the women who i forgot her name
7. the spanish dudes (they were funny) hahah..
anyway alot of things i learn in this movie...
1. brazilians do not speak spanish they speak portugese..i always though brazil was like spanish or somehting, but actually they are like in the sout america with mexico..
mexican speaks spanish i think huhu....
the movie was really a twist with alot of drift action and con jobs..
but the lame part was that mia was pregnant and she was running around jumping of the roof..what.. you surely have a miscarriage after that mark my words haha..
anyway it was kinda nice seeing the torreto family getting bigger, but with vince death it was kinda sad..those who left were just brain, mia and dom..

seeing how the story is about cars its more likely im intrested in the plot and the family issue hahaa
but the jokes were essential.. haha

movie marathon

ala haritu tak update blog pun.
coz i was buzy buat movie marathon..
hari isnin 23 may 2011, saya malas nak keluar so i watched movie all day sitting infront of my laptop
tgk cerita ape jer?
1. kunfu panda
2. pirates of the carrebien-at worlds end
3. shanghai knights

and i think a whole lot of other movies!!! hehe i love movies :)
yela nak buat ape pon kat umah kan?
seperti biasa bangun dari tidur,
1. mandi
2. kemas umah
3. basuh pinggan
4. kemas meja
5. buat latte :)
6. buat breakfast :) roti + butter
7. basuh baju
8. tgk cerita sambil makan
9. sidah baju
10. kemas hall
11. tgk movie
12. solat
13. sambung tgk cerita sambil makan maggi hehe
macam tu la rutin harian
and it only changes if i go out or do somthing hehehe :)
kl banyak post nak letak ni XOXO :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

yeay finally cuti dah datang!

finally we end our research, and finally we are able to get some holiday..
however there isa down side to that..i am broke..
and i still havent get my money yet..
so i have to use what i save in the bank :(
waaaaaaaa !_! tak mau!! :(
any how, how did i spend my holidays?
well i had downloaded a couple of new movies, stole some from my brother, just finished watching MERONG MAHAWANGSA..and its still not boring.. i mean ade la a few parts towards the end..
but i skipped that part to the very end..
emmm, anyway i am so jelous of my friends travelling the world to paris and what not while im stuck at home with no money..haih! should've come to this tapi takpela..in a few weeks time im going to enjoy myself :)

kla anything more? i'll keep updating ya..

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

owh post :)

sorry! i havent post things in here like 145 thousand years..
im super busy nak wat camne kan..
anyway life is kinda hectic these days..with research and all..
tak sabar nak cuti!
nak surfing leh tak :)
nak g sunway surf! whoooaaaaaaaaaa :)
and yes my baby hutang i satu movie fast 5
nak tgk prolly this friday :)
so yeah keep posted for my next review on fast 5..
actually i have seen the downloaded version.tp biasa lah being illegal mesti lah not perfect so gambar pon separuh je wakakkaka :)
yeah tomorrow hella ramai gile patient..! but on friday yeahoooooooooo i am free! clinic pon setengah hari je :)
seronoks ;p
tuesday next week day wesak ;p
mari kite cuti..!

Friday, May 6, 2011


seminggu yg lepas saya telah menyaksikan cerita THOR bersama sayang saya di TGV sunway ;p turut bersama itu saya telah membeli charger extended battery untuk iphone saya dan juga blin2 cover tuk iphone :) sekarang iphone sya sudah pimped! ouh yeah!
and yeah about THOR, well starting was abit..uhmm..what is this about? then suddenly i get the picture.. i ahve nothing againts natalie portman but she's just everywhere so its kinds bored seening her..huhu any way chris hemsworth was so mouthwatering! gagaga! piercing blue eyes...adoi! senyum pon comel! the story was so CUTE! hahah i mean it was amazing what thor can do with just a hammer.. and yeah the movie took an unexpected twist but it was awesome all the same..the rainbow bridge was awesome! and heimdall looks powerful but stupid all the same haha! all the power but cant use it..and yeah Asgard was awesome i mean all in gold? whooaaa!
the destroyer on the other hand is really creepy same as laufey.. grrrr..stupid snow giants...then when thor was banished on to earth was the funny part. he met the scientist (Natalie) and well jane knocked him a couple of times. and the shield was trying to assemble a team all togather..
well stan lee was also there..he was funny though!
loki was strange and just as creepy. Odin was damn powerful only he looks so old like he was going to disappear in thin air....but the down part was when THOR was like defeated so easily by the destroyer but them he regained back his power when the tukul flowed back to his hand..

it was ok la...not as nice as RIO and FAST FURIOUS 5!
:) till next time...daaaaa!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

past week

yeah! alot of things had happened the past week..
my cousin's wedding whoooooooo!
mula2 the week before last was her nikah at shah alam and it went ok..it was held in SIRIM..the dewan was nice..alot of my cousins came..we had a great time..
syida was there, fadhli kene tinggal hahaha..then midah and family was there..shima was a bit late though..well not many but it was ok..
then the whole weekdays i spend collecting data..it wasn't that bad..but i couldve been somewhere nicer or yeah u can do a whole bunch of other things than doing reasearch but yep wth its my life..
Any way this weekend was my cousin's wedding on the boy's side..so the thing was in si iskandar and yeah the groom's family was like our secind cousin twice remove or whatever..and they all knew my dad and my uncle..its actually more of a reuinion..it was funny coz they like went to the same school. and like i said all over perak is like a relatives to us. later that evening on saturday we after the wedding i was so exhausted tried to sleep but unfortunately i have to many nices and nephews! my god! they were so NOISY! they were jumping up and down the house so eventually i had to get up and get cleaned up. after solat i went to the kitchen and the bbq was about to strat..yes like always i have to do many things..and i kinda jadi kurus kejap..my feet was killing me i had to sit.. but eventually i couldnt do everything by myself so..
the night after the wedding we went to lumut..wasnt much there to see well coz its dark at night..we went back and i went stright to sleep.
the morning after we depart early mira had to catch her plane.
well for me i have a date with asyraf on sunday!
thats another part of it..
so here's my rant for the whole missing week ;p