Wednesday, April 20, 2011


owh yeah!
and so it begins!
endless reading books and stuffing my head in notes is finally ending!
just finished my exam paper 5 hours ago..
so yeah!
holiday here i come!
ok basically next week i am so going to be busy with research things
but i think it's ok..
at least i gotta go out from the house once for awhile
and IJN isn't that far from midvalley hehehe ;p
there is a whole bunch of things i am planning to do this holiday
1. finish up my research which is collecting data, analysis and thesis binding!
2. HOLIDAY!--> thinking of singapore (i have to find my pasport!)--> or i dont know maybe just travel around..melaka (boring...pfft...)
4. buat baju kurung
5. buat t-shirt
6. pencil box baby :)
7. a whole bunch of other cool stufs :)

keep in mind
latter i'll update
k gotta go ;p

Friday, April 15, 2011

Morning peeps!!

Yup its a fine saturday morning!!! Hehe i love it!!! Wish i coul roll around on my bed but NO! Its exam on monday!! I just wish its monday already haha cant wait for the exams to finish! I want to go on a holiday! Yippie! But yeah research, i know, but mei, hello! Here i come! Can't wait to practice the japanese girl make up i saw on youtube yesterday!! Yeeehaaaa!! Owh an by tbe way baby, have a great parade today okay syang! Love u huny!

2days prior to exam

So what did I do 2 days prior to exam??

Haha guess what I play!

Well that dosent exactly show what I did..i tried to study but end up sleeping OR play FB OR EATING or watching movie OR something else that studying!

Another pink slip I got for not paying the rent. What the hell I just pay the water bill kot. Stupid management. Kalau dia potong air aku lagi mmg la..aku sunat dia!

Dah la nak exam! bikin susah plak! It sateted there I didn't pay outstanding balance..bodo dah bayar rm1600 kot..

Alas! Buat je la tak tahuI changed my desktop every half an hour because I was so bored.

I had just had to write something or else I am so bored!

Like last night (owh wait I slept early coz I didn't eat) huhu I thought it was cause of exhaution of looking at the neverending slides.

6pm this evening I was cooking. I end up frying 8 piece of noughts in thinking that 'oh well, boleh simpan nanti malam bila lapar boleh makan' but what daya know..i ate em all up!

Kah kah kah!

Talk about bingeing! Damn!

Aih I so can not tahan la! I have to eat!

Omg! Cant wait till exam!

Banyak lagi tak baca but I just want to get it over with!

I want to go to singapore and tour the country!


:) thinking of going to hong kong! ;p

Well we'll see about that later eh..

Hey you, yes you sayang,

XOXO <3 love ya! ;p

Thursday, April 14, 2011

baby's birthday

its baby's birthday yeay!
well i didnt get the chance to celebrate his birthday coz its on monday, so i have to wait until the end of the week to see him and give him his presents! yippie i love presents!
anyway i was thinking of buying him this sweeter that he wanted, but i figured out he has money, so if he really wanted it he'll buy it himself coz that sweater is like rm110, or i think why would i want to buy something that he is not going to use i think of a plan of what to buy him...honestly i did last minute shopping huhu..coz well i went to sarawak the week before so i didnt buy him his presents yet. so at last i settle with buying him a laptop bag and a pendrive in hopping he uses it everyday and he will think of me :)! genius am i not? hehe :)
so anyway he was stunned for the so many presents i bought for him huhu :)
i kinda like buying him things so that he can think of me everytime he looks at the sutff i bought him :)
what i bought for him is
1. a laptop bag
2. a 4gb pendrive (which was the cheapest, i couldnt find anymore cheaper than this haha)
3. made him a customized notebook for him to write on :)
4. souvenier from sarawak

we had so much fun walking to and fro in ou..
frankly who design that place is an idiot
it is so stupid that i could find where the hell is mcd
i mean litterally, we were like lost for 1 hour in there
stupid shopping mall!
we left with our hearts content :)
yeah i love him so much :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

hikayat merong mahawangsa

hikayat merong mahawangsa
last 2 weeks we went to see hikayat merongwahawangsa
me and kak g
to me i think the sotry is so awesome
start off with scene in GOA, British colony back in the 15oo, so there is this Rom prince who were supposed to marry this Chinese princess for political issues
so the Rom's ship was destroyed by huge waves and they were stuck in GOA, so they asked help from a local GOA businessman to get a ship so that they can set sail to the seas to find the princes. so the local businessman asked for gold as for payment however the Romans lost of their possession during the storm so they had no choice to accept the help from a guy named merong. he is an outcast and fond of making trouble at every port that he sails too. even though so he has very good sailing skills, thus the young prince accepted the offer of sailing through the sea with the help of merong.
at last they came to a no-man's land where the prince and the princess join hands. the princess fear of captivity once she has been married to the prince. she fears that she cant do whatever she wanted to do once she is married to the prince. so she decided to run away into the forest. the prince intercepted her and her hand maiden in the forest, to cover up her plan she decided to pretend to be the handmaiden and the maid is to be the princess.
[i like the part where they were arguing--> so cute!! :) ]
in a long journey they argued about freedom and at last the young prince and the princess had fallen in love. in an unfortunate events, the land was attacked by garuda and the princess was kidnapped. the prince was killed by the garuda and merong was badly injured. in a small village he was revived by the leader and he recovered.
he swore to take revenge on her mother's death at the hands of garuda, so he learned skills from tok pawang and he became the king of the no-man's land.
after a few months came the leiutenent that is responsible too secure the princess, together they decided to take war upon garuda. merong used a tactic of which Archimedes used to defeat garuda
at last they won, however merong had died but the descendent's of merong lived, from embok who impregnated his son. and soon the royal line was succeed after decades.
the story line was impresive, however the graphics were not that good. but this is one of the most awesome malaysian production that we had made. the actors are so good, it made me believe of what i am seeing. stephen-rahman-Hugues was very good!
congrats KRU for making this production! :)