Thursday, December 23, 2010

what i did today

you can called it eventful
but in terms of joy blerghh not much of joy
except having a good workout and my baby asyraf called :)
today was just like any boring day
got up at 6 solat,
hantar mira kat KLIA
then we went breakfast at mc donalds
and we refill coffe like 3 times
then went to cyber mama siap vacuum ag umah cyber
i had the chance of workout on walkatainner for 10 minutes
then head to the POOL did only 4 laps unfortunately hahah
i almost drown because i smell something good in the air..
gasping for breath!
then did crunches like 50 *but i dont think it works coz i still have my flabbs*
omg! im going to see my baby bunny this saturday and i look like a blue hypo
im so going to starve myself tomorrow :(
baby sayang i miss you so much!
thanks for calling tadi!!!
hehehehehe miss your laugh everytime i make a joke :)
after cyber went to bank and bank in next sem fees :(
then went to eat at precint 14 this arab shop
unfortunately it wasnt as tasty as the arab shop kat bawah cyberneo
after that i went back home
now waiting for my baby to finish tahlil so we can have a cozy chat ;p
miss you darling!

we have a date tonight okay :)

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