Thursday, June 17, 2010

Karate Kid

waaaa cerita ni best because JADEN SMITH berlakon
he grown up already
he makes some funny sences
and the action stuff is awesome..
JACKIE CHAN was ultimate sifu whos so awesome

the story was nice because
1. its in china!!
2. its kung fu not karate
3. it shot diffrent places in china and it was an awesome experience even if youre not there its still awesome
4. the signiture move of karate kid is still in the movie!! smart giler
5. video clip jaden with JB is awesome
6. budak perempuan cina yang comel

downside of this movie is
1. jaden kept on looking at the camera! it was funny but yeah..
2. the movie is in mandrin..buat la cantoneese senang skit nak paham.. takpela at least ada subtitle.. its not HK its china..what do you expect

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