Tuesday, May 31, 2011

POTC 4- on stranger tides

last week went to see this movie twice already! with my baby boo muhammad asyraf sayang :)
i wanted to watch kungfu panda2 but he wanted to see nur kasih but in the end we watched what we agreed on pirates of the Caribbean 4 on strager tides.. this time we venture to far more fimiliar waters..from london to the fountain of youth.
where an eunexpected turn of events at whcih kapten barbosa had turn to join the majesty so as to take on revenge for the captured ship of the blackpearl by the viscious blackbeard..
he was by far the most vicious pirates ever seen..yeah well coz he is using black magic of course..
anyways he was ruthless as he was very cunning..
in this story what makes it interesting is that penelope cruz! she acted as angelica who impersonated jack sparrow..
angelica is the true daughter of balckbeard and her intentions is to save his father from death..
because of a prophecy said that blackbeard will meet his death at the hands of a one legged man..
whom is kapten barbossa..
he lost his leg when he fought blackbeard and so seek revenge for his lost leg..
blackbeard wants to save his life set out to find the fountain of youth..but the only man who ever been there is jack sparrow because of the map he had stolen from sau fang in POTC 3 at worlds end..anyways angelica had tricked jack sparrow to board the Queen Anne'S revenge under the command of blackbeard....
they sailed according to the direction of sparrow..
who is too cunning on cheating death
at the end when they got to the fountain the spanish blew the fountain because they believed that this is pegan's water and only God can give eternal life..
who wants to have eternal life anyway...
blackbeard was slashed by the sword of kapten barbossa
and fell for his dying breath..
sparrow had taken the water in the sliver chalices of ponce de leon and drop a mermaids tear in the chalices for angelica to drink
at the end blackbeard died and angelica is granted with youth...
anyways another love story exciting was the mermaid and the religious man..
the mermaid was beautiful named seryna...
anyway it was a good movie..
and POTC is a good franchise.
i like the costumes, the accents i like everything..they work hard on getting the actual feel and i feel its real..
makes you wanna be a pirate :)

till then XOXO... :)

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