Sunday, June 27, 2010

Terry tye Lee

well for the next blog entry i dedicate this page to Terry T lee
a Hip hop artist which i known from Singapore
he was the founder of chyna house recordings
and produce some of few awesome songs
he was really talented
the thing i like about his music was
it wasnt all hip hop
there are elements of soul, RnB, pop
and i like it
as oppose to our Malaysian fav hip hop artist like Joe Flizzow and Malique
who were the fore founders of Hiphop scene in Malaysia
they practically bloomed out
when i was in secondary school
Hip hop was all over the nation at that time
with Tupac, p didiy, Nelly, TI
and all sorts of US entertainment that managed to influence the Hip hop in our nation
and most of em are black aside form eminem
back to terry t lee
he was a member of Urban Exchange along with baby V
i first notice this group when they did a collabo with azura from Disney channel
it was funny because Jin was like hey you guys should make azura a singer because she is a very good singer
so they did a song with her the song was called buzzing
it was really nice
after that they did a collabo with camellia and that was awesome to
i had no idea that he went all over the world including china to make many other MV and sweet songs
he produce a MV for the song Welcome tot the Good life, feat Homie, Jin, Joe Flizzow and gabgy
this is one of my favorite song!

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