Thursday, November 25, 2010


i have been diagnosing myself as having depression
the adhedonia was overwhelming at one point i have trouble concentrating
i dont think friends care and surely they dont understnad
coz they are judgmental
but hey
i tried to see the counselor she is on leave
so tomorrow try my luck again
i think
i try to get a hang of it
dr hairel kata its ok for me to take antidepressants!
dapat green light ape lagi ;p

piriton dosent really resolve
yeah boy was nice to me today
kak sam too
elevated my mood abit
coz they are crazy and make me smile always hehehehe
like it ;p!
i just wish things are simple and i wish my life was like KAMI
but they are really complicated..
friends dont tell coz they judge so..
better live it up..
stay focus! ;p
and cheer up!

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