Friday, December 17, 2010


okay supposedly after exams i should be on a holiday just chillin right?
but i cant do that
i have like tones of work to do
isha went to Thailand already by now
everybody is like somewhere across the states
we have sunnathon in melaka
which im afraid im not going
my baby juara just broke down RIGHT AFTER EXAMS!!
baby nape tamau start??!!! :((((
anyhu baby juara now can start but i think dia nak minum kot so tomorrow mau hantar dia pergi cek minyak air bateri sume ok?
and yeah i have to take care of mama
bills to pay
phones to look for
sim card to buy hehehe
anything for you my darling sayang!
anyway its saturday can't go out that late
papa will go beserk plus rumah bersepah
maigadddddddddddd how la want to relax like this???
i seriously need a good massage kan sayang??? ;p (wink wink)
im missing my sayang, which by this week he'll be hell buzy :(
i miss you!!! :*
can't wait for our next date ;p
huh i think this is for now
next updates coming up soon :)

p/s: i love you sayang :)

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