Friday, November 28, 2014

Big Hero 6

haven't updated my blog since ages
literally to much things to do

went to watch this awesome movie 3 weeks ago

it was AWESOME!!!

with a catchy town name haha san franstokyo

it wasnt at all disappointing
with the cute BAYMAX
perut besar dan gebu
serta comel
walaupun kungfu still comey jugak
cried many times durig the movie

well it is about this boy who lost his brother
then to avenge his brother death (or actually half of the time he has no clue what he is getting himself into)

accidentally discover a sinister plot using his own technology (i know its complicated thats-why-you-have-to-go-see-this-movie) haha

well in the end the boy discover that he had not lost his brother but he gain new friends
a job
a carear
a family
and well baymax
baymax was actually this robot that his brother made for medical purposes but this boy turn it into a fighting machine

agak menarik

u guys should watch! :)


P/S: seriously go watch

Thursday, March 27, 2014

sense and sensibility of MH 370

day 20 of MH370 went missing

Malaysians are trying very hard to solve this mystery and yet some organization are making it harder on us.

form what i see MH370 brings us closer togather

1. Ahmad Jauhari is MAS CEO
-he was devestated when MH370 went missing
- he is the man responssible of recovery of unprofitability of MAS in 2013,
returning MAS net profit of  51.4 milion ringgit for the fourth quarter, reversing 1.3 bilion ringgit loss last year 

2. MAS and boeing are facing lawsuit from the family members of flight victim MH370
from what i think these people are trying to get money
our goverment are searching to hard for the MH370 and its passenger, whilst these irresponsible people only think about how to gain money
did they ever think that riding a plane will be safe?
did MAS or boeing ever guarenteed any of their passanger to be safe on flight?
but boeing 777-200 had also faced lawsuit from passangers from accident in San Francisco last year

3. MAS record for accidents are few
worst was in 1997, when boeuing 737-200 was hijacked in Tanjung Kupang Johor and crashed killing all 100 people on board
the next worst accident was this MH370
for this MAS record for most safe flight is still not swayed

4. to answer why it takes so long for The Malaysian goverment to informed the public regarding news where the flight ended, only after day 17?
the data obtained was 4 days before the anouncement of MH370 flight eneded in Indian ocaean, 
analysis had been done from the AAIB coupled with inmersat engineers and satelite images, from these only the commitee decided that the plane ended there and i think many people out there who are throwing allegations saying Malaysian is hiding the truth, please think before opening up your pie hole. Malaysia is not holding anything back, the statement given by the authorities are what the journalist going to write on the papers or in the net, thus, any wrong statement can cause MAS stock market to go down.

5. in the midst of all this i think CNN has lost his credibility of its journalism
 without proper analysis of news they just wanted to boost up their ratings
just because somewhere from america the news was written it does not necesarly be true, 
OUR OWN news remains credible, simply becasue all of the info is from our prime minister who is directly involve in SAR

6. our SAR remains challenging because of the wether
SAR was on hold for 2 days due to bad wether, as the clouds were almost touching the sea

7. currently The US NAVY lent their towed ping locator to find the black box
however the black box only have a battery life that last for 30 days, currently the incident already 20 days ,
which means we are running out of time
the black box only left 10 days to be found by towed ping locator
if by 30 days we are still unable to accounter the black box a camera searching deviced might be used to locate the black box physically. some say they are using devices used by National Geography where they find the titanic under the ocean.

sonobouy by the US NAVY, thrown from p8 POSEIDON

The acting Minister of Transport Datuk Hishamuddin said we will not stop and tier of finding the aircraft.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

MH 370 update

Day 16 of missing plane MH370

so far what has been done:
1. sighting of debris believed to be part of MH370 in the indian ocean on thursday 20/3/14
- pictures taken by a Geo-satellite captured 2 objects floating in the Indian Ocean taken on 16/3/14
- it took 4 days to reconstruct the image which shown 2 objects size approx 24meters
- Australian Prime minister Tony Abbot called Datuk Sri Najib Tun Razak, regarding the founding of the objects, and offered to send 6 aircraft inovling ORION, to search for the objects,
- of which believed to be part of MH370

Discussion with Datuk Nik Huzlan regarding the objects found in the Indian Ocean:
1. probably from the size and shape of the objects, its a horizontal flight stabilizer
2. most probably broken apart from the MH370, after the plane Possibly landed on by 'ditching'
which means the tail of the plane landed first

regarding the Search and Rescue:
1. currently search and assets are being deployed to the indian ocean for the search of the objects
- now assets deployment depending of the need of search and reduce
mostly the RAAF -royal Australian Ariforce are sending 2 ORIONS, to sour the objects and they are also sending POSEIDON.

a Merchant Norweigan Ship nearby was told to go to the location.

however after 2 days search for the object, it is still hasn't been found.

few television channels here had been discussing regarding search and reduce mission, up to this level.
Oceanographer expert had been called to asked regarding SAR in the Indian Ocean:
1. it is deemed to be difficult in view of the current of the ocean runs a 150 km/hr
which means 3600km/day --> after 4 days the object last seen in the location could drift to anywhere

another Datuk Huzlan's theory is that:
1. the Indian Ocean are vast seas, in which the borders of countries are very far, Australia, indonesia, india, Yamen, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Somalia.
the pieces of plane could be drifted and scattered all over the sea.

2. indian Ocean has these boarders means the debris would be swirling around the Indian Ocean and it is unlikely the would floating to other seas

3. once we identified the place of debris, search would be focus there, and like Air France, they found the wreckage after 5 days, and the black box was only found after 2 years, but it was at the same place as the plane, but the time to retrieve the black box was long.

says Oceanographic Expert, the current of the Indian Ocean is strong at the surface
the current is less down below, so if there is a wreckage, the body of the plane, might be there beneath the sea for a long time, it is a just a matter of where is the exact location to find the Missing plane.

4. by now Chinese settle reveals another images which shows some wooden planks, and seat belts varying sizes, the search are now focusing on the south part of the Indian Ocean.

6. challenges face of the SAR
- the weather forced the Norwegian merchant ship to sail back, and it is now up to POSEIDON US NAVY airship to take over the SAR
- however, the crew was given a 2 day of to rest before continuing SAR
- the SAR are now relying on ORION and another aircraft, from CHINA and JAPAN, which will be landing soon in RAAF to take part on the Search
NASA had also are scouring images from Earth Observing satellite with high resolution to point to clues of where might be signs of the Aircraft

next entry would search for more clues and possibly the sighting of the MH370 with hopes that the crew and passengers are on our best prayers....

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Mystery of MH370

i haven't write in here for ages
mainly due to work reasons
now i think its the time for me to start writing

it is all because of MH370
was last seen on radar at 1.21 am
as everyone knows now
all over the world
all of the nations are joining hand in hand (expect israel)
to find this missing flight

my motif of writing this blog
is purely my own opinion after i have analyzed and read all of the info related to MH370

i rejected the idea of terrorism
and of which blogs related or articles related to speculation regarding MH370 is an act of terrorism

in this words i do not intent to cause harm, or making speculation
this is purely out of my own opinion

from what i gathered

MH370 is a MAS boeing 777-200, which went missing on 8.3.14 at 1.21 am

this news was a major catastrophe, not only for the family members but for all over the work. Boeing are one of the aircraft manufacturer, and this is a huge shock for the company i can imagine.
if MH370 were to crash it was said that it was the worst crash boeing 777 crash after Air France in 2009.

Bur recent news point to other side of the story.
after analysis by expert, now theory is that the MH370 was hijacked.

now the only remained mystery is:
1. who hijacked the plane
2. motif of the hijacker
3. why MH370?
4. where is the plane now?
5. why search is in the North and South Corridor?

so these are few questions that are in my mind
i will try to reason for my self and for the sake of others who had been mislead by stupid speculations

1. who hijacked the plane?
- authorities and Malaysian government did not ruled out the fact that the pilot or crew members are involved as by the fact that:
a. the hijacker must OBVIOUSLY know how to fly the plane
b. knew the waypoints around - IGARI --> VAMPI --> IGAREX
c. knew to use the commercial air flight scheduled
d. knew that at 2am there will be less flight flying around
e. knew how to shut down ACARS
f. knew hoe to turn off transponder
g. knew the exact moment to disappear- which was during the sign off as the aircraft leaves the Malaysian airspace into Vietnam

1.07 ACARS was turned off
1.19 signed off by the co-pilot 'all right, good night'
1.21 am MH370 disappear from civilian radar

but in my opinion
from all the comments i read Capt Zharie seem like a nice person
one who would suddenly decide 'hey i want to hijack this plane'
i mean from analysis, he is probably not depressed,
he has a very interesting hobby to entertain himself with
of which can help him self from boredom or depression
- depress people will have anehdonia - defined as lack of interest and unable to find joy in hobbies or things they find enjoyable with previously)

2. motif of the hijacker
- seriously till now i do not see a clear motif
- if they are saying capt Zaharie hijack his own plane for a political issue i seriously think that is far fetched
- he was a pakatan supporter, but he is not that obsess
- he just wore the shirt which was in 2013 for God sakes, and  i don't think that is a good enough reason for him to hijack a plane

i mean if someone to commit this much of crime,it will be someone who is totally demented
and it would definitely as Datuk Kapten Nik Ahmad Huzlan said that this must be an organized crime. it would take an organization to planned this. i don't think it will take just one person to hijack the plane.

 if it was a suicide - there is no suicide note, no ransom, --> the plane just went off the grid

3. why boeing 777?
this still remains a mystery to me
i mean if it was easier for ransom would it be easier to just hijack a smaller plane, of which it is easier to control?
Boeing 777 needs a mile long runaway for it to land
from the flight similar taken from Capt Zaharie's house, and was reassembled in Bukit Aman
there were 5 runways in the indian Ocean that are fit for Boeing 777
WHICH WAS LOGICALLY IN THE SIMULATOR, BECAUSE IT IS A BOEING 777 FLIGHT SIMULATOR, why would anyone put a runway shorter that 1 mile for the Boeing 777 to land in a simulator? --> it must have crashed duh.....

Was that someone try to prove that Boeing 777 is not as perfect as they claim to be?
are they trying to prove something?
but what ever it is without ransom or suicide note, i think someone stole that plane in hoping to use the plane for a bigger plans.. i'm just saying

4. where is the plane now?
i have no idea. or so many of us.
maybe in the Indian Ocean
maybe on a flyway remote from set elite detection somewhere

according to experts satellite only covers 42% of the earth, the satellite detect MH370 is trough series of 'pings' but it does not show exactly where is it, as the plane travels at 900km/hr . the last ping received was at 8.11 am 8/3/14
Captain Nik seams to have believed that the aircraft has landed somewhere
either on a strip less than 1 mile air strip. according to Captain it is not easy for the plane to have landed at night without being detected
- it is a BIG PLANE -- someone would have seen it

well if it had landed where somewhere remote, on one of the islands on the indian Ocean of which most of the inhabitants are not in contact with the outside world, there is a possibility the passengers are still alive.

it is already ruled out that it is difficult but not impossible for a flight to enter the

Kazakhstan airspace without being detected. these are all military based country of which are very sensitive of their air space.

5. the assets have been moved to new search area, the north and south corridor
the north Corridor is From northern Thailand to Kazakhstan
South Corridor is from south of Indonesia to indian Ocean west of Australia

what they had done was after the plane left a 'ping signal on 8.11am, that was the last known location of MH370, from that point they made a dot on the map and, the plane i it had enough fuel, already travels 6hours,so from the dot they plotted, they made a 900lm/hr radius,
in which covers the North and South corridor....
all the assets from Poseidon, Orion, USS Kidd, Hercules and all sorts of other fancy names, have been deployed to find this aircraft which was not small, mind you..
still after 11 days of search, the sight of MH370 still has not been found

i think this is all i want to let out of my chest
been keeping in for so long
Not only the family members are grieving, extended MAS family

but personally for me, my Fiance is on the ship deployed for the Search and Rescue of MH370
he went away for days
i was unable to contact him as he enters Vietnam waters.
those who are involve indirectly with MH370, we also feel the lost..