Thursday, July 8, 2010

foto hunting with Murni

i just had so much things to planned out
tetiba i had an epihany to do so much things and i have owh so little time
so for my next activity is fotohunting
i went to bukit cerakah with murni
it was actually supposed to be port kelang but we changed plans because of last minute arrangemnets were just to late
we had too many things that we wanted to do
so at last we went for bukit cerakah
yg lawak nyer we thought of taking a bike but then malas nak kayuh so we took the bus
and the ride was awesome
but it was strange because i thought it was suppose to be really cold with all the pokok's
but it turns out i was really HOT!!!
panas okay berpeloh2
then we went tangkap gambar at a fish pond
it was actually a dam!
we took picutres
by my pictures are all NOISE!
then next we went to amek gmbr at a lake
it was a fun thing to do
all the trees were really facinating
then we went to taman haiwan
and not much to do there anyway
we walk and we go back home
i was damn tired but at least i reached home ai't?

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