Saturday, December 11, 2010


guess what happen last night??? ;p
ala nak cerita balik pun malu *blush*
ok story goes like this..
i was on the verge of reading chronic heart diseases
when suddenly my eyes started to think for them selves and go cox eye,
so as i was struggling to stay awake i was wondering why my darling asyraf hasn't called yet,
i think he might be busy,
i was literally yelling to my eyes to stay focus on page 1111 and it was a failure
what i read was something like janduadhudhfdlsfjksdfu and obviously i seriously need to go to bed
so i shut down my computer, off the fan and lights
i head back to my room and turn off the lights and lock the door,
i propped down on my bed and i took my phone and i msg asyraf
me: sayang i nantok la, u dah tido ke? (thinking why he hadn't called)
i waited like 5 minutes and no reply (yeah like he'll reply that fast, huhu)
so i decided to call him,
then this weird thing happen,
i call him but there was no tone and i was like
s#@t why couldn't i get through?
i mean is he talking to someone else on the phone and i couldn't get through?
i was starting to panicked but i try to stay positive,
so i dial his number using my maxis,
and it went through but after 2 tones i hung up,
later he called me
dahaaaaaaaaaaa i was soooooo HAPPY coz for a moment there i thought he was avoiding me huhuu.. :(
anyway we talked and i was only saying i wanted to sleep and told him what i had done today
we we're talking about how we feel
then suddenly he said
asyraf: ma fatima, happy tak u jadi girlfriend I?
and i was LIKE
me: HAPPY! (I mean at last declare jugak kan? ;p )

and for a moment there i was like flying
my face was so hot i think i could cook eggs on it hahahahaha

i mean seriously that was one of the best moments in my life! :)
and seriously i had NEVER never ever feel this way \(^.^)/

then i was like
me: sudi tak you jadi boyfriend i?
Asyraf: NAK ah!
awwwww sayang! you are so SWEET!
so we declare and it was 12/12/2010 perfect timing?
should say so myself:)
anyhow love you sayang!

XOXO!!! (hugs and kisses for you)

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