Saturday, March 26, 2011


the week before last,
me and my frens went to see this movie called rango!
rango was a cartoon movie actually starting jhonny deep! i love the movie because of the graphic was superb.however the first ten minutes were draggy and frankly it was friends were half a sleep when the movie started. i almost fell into a sleep too hahah!
so the movie is about this lizard who was someones pet he was accidence got dumped in the middle of the desert. he was an outcast basically. he then start his journey on his own. first he met with an armadillo who got hit by a trunk then he started off his adventure to a town called dirt.. ironic huh? hahah anyway its the desert so obviously the animals there need water to survive. they rely on sewer water and rain water and such what ever water they found. so he went into this town which has a water crisis. just as he entered the town he had been battling with the eagles. the folks there didnt exactly see what happen but what they saw was rango trying to kill the eagle and succeed. while actually he was trying to run away from the eagle. hence thereforth he was named sheriff in the town.
there were many humor it is such as the last sherif last only three days from friday to sunday hahahaha!
anyway while he was in the town called dirt he called himself rango. he make up a character that was cool and everybody think he was a hero while actually he was nobody. anyway at the end of the story he succeded to solve the case of the mestrious water crisis. it turns out the mayor (a turtle) cut of the water so that everyone sell his land to the mayor. and he is trying to build many new buildings for a new industrial town i guess.

the graphic was awesome puas hati la tgk sampai habis..and owh the mole rat is so ugly! haha

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birthday kinah!

It was on the 18 march we celebrate kinah's bday

Coz we have some issues

Kesian kat zue she cant come

We actually wanted to go out that Tuesday tapi kinah wanted to go out on Friday

So we went out on Friday tapi zue kene buat ot on Friday

We went to mines because well kak g wants a new scenery to look at too hehehe

So we went with alin's car, but when we got there we were like struggling to find a parking lot at last we found one after like 11 minutes of searching hehe (exaggerating) anyway as soon as we enter the shopping complex, We all went to buy tickets..



Seriously dude, management find new movies to put on the show coz seriously that night there were only 5 movies and we had to watched RANGO!

It was not bad..but that I will story in a different session okay :)

After buying the lame ass tickets which cost us rm12 each, we went to go and find food..

I was on the verge of having hypoglycemia and literally about to faint huhu..coz in the morning we had ILS which by the way was swimming I was practically boned after that coz I tried to sleep but ear deafening thunder woke me up….so I stayed awake until I went out to kinah's house..

Sambung cerita tadi tak habis ag huhu :p…there was a debate on what to eat..kak g suggested we eat at subway but we were contemplating whether that fullfill our stomach that was so freaking hungry! Huhu so we went to kenny rodgers instead…we were so full by the end of our dinner! All the talks of wanting to buy donut lah after wards sume tak jadi..

Well partly coz we were all full, and partly coz all of the stores were closed after we finnished eating after we finished eating hanis ajak pergi karok coz we had late night movie tickets..

Cian baby i! we didn't have time to chat pon on Friday..he did mention he miss me a lot hehe..i miss him like everyday kot! But yeah it's a ladies night huhu..anyway I make it up to him on Friday he was so happy :) I love it when he smiles! :)

Back to the story (OMG! Banyak nye side track!) we went to go karok!

Best gak la dala lagi murah dari alamanda lagu pon best, setting pon best..alamanda lagu tak sedap kot huhuhuhuhu…macam2 lagu kitorang nyanyi..

A thing or two I learned about karaoke don't select songs that ends with (MTV) coz that is actually the video clip so you cant actually use your voice to sing

Well…I am not a very good singer but I just keep on singing till our voice runs dry hahah!

Talk about karaoke reminds me I have to pay alin rm5 coz I didn't have money at that time huhu..anyway after karaoke we went to see the movie la…

I like the story however the starting was quite boring I almost slept..but alin slept right trough huhu! Takpe la she was going to drive us anyway huhu... We went back at 12 and arrived at like 1am I did call my baby but he's asleep…owhhhhh im so sorry sayang! Takpe la today we skype k sayang!

You da pindah block baru kan! Yippie!

Love you so much

And em…XOXO :* miss you!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Well we went for an ils course today (intermediate life support)

As usually I love swimming and the pool of course

Time to selamat kan orang

I was the second diver supposed to put collar on the victim

Then the pool was too deep so I was almost drowned because

Entah la

Bukan nye tak reti berenang

Just I feared that the pool was too deep

So kaki tak le jejak tu ok ag

Tapi tah tadi nak maintain victim

Cam susah lak

Maybe bende tu susah kot

I panic kot

I reached out for dr's arm

But it wasn't because I was drowning

Klau lemas pun boleh je berenang ke tepi

Tapi malas nak terapung


Sha plak almost chocked because I was splashing water all over

The dr thought I was drowning

It was actually sebab malas nak maintain badan dalam air tuh hehhee

Ala nvm all in all it was awesome :)

Dapat main air

Muka pun cerah sikit


Ingat nak pergi tengok terong mahawengsa

Tapi tiket takde lakfull last tiket was like at 4 so malas la nak g

I though if I siap now then can go nowbut I think I want to sleep hehehe

Apa2 pun I miss my darling asyraf!

Miss you sayang!

Love you so much!