Thursday, April 15, 2010

friday morning :)

yeah! wake up another day to a brilliant morning!
pagi2 dah buat chores dah
and now drinking coffee with my new MUG i bought in aquaria :)
erm sambil surfing the web i search on HILLARY DUFF and MILEY CYRUS..
these two are my favorite actress!
i love Hillary duff..well coz shes beautiful and funny and talented and well shes going to come with a book soon!
owh cant wait!
but the thing is the book is all about girly girly stuff
but for her sake!
im going to buy it..
which reminds me i have a whole lot of other things to buy!
miley well shes with liam now..
not much about her but i kinda like hannah montana
i mean more than selena gomez and demi levato
probably because hannah montana is much more funnier :)
yeah i know :)


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