Tuesday, January 19, 2010

revelation on writting

my book on so coll story similar like twilight tak habes habes ag tulis..
but the thing is i enjoy writting
most of the comments received was ok
but i think im still not up to the standrd
to finish the book i have to have more ideas..
skg tgh ketandusan idea!!

sampai tgk cerita menarik yg best best macam AVATAR baru dapat ilham

sebenarny ade beberapa babak yg menarik nak insert in the draft

tapi bila nak selit kan cerita di tengah tengah tu 'i have tot hink of the starting and the ending of the chapter and so still the story is hangging..

a lot of flaws that were in the book like how washington and DC is like 6000 miles apart so basically i have to have substance on america geography and a good story to apply what they have in the area...

like in washington..
only now i realized after i did a research was that washington was actually full with trees and DC is full with buildings...

so washington is another state in america whilst washington DC is in the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

where the president is..

so enlighten me :D

plus i have an intresting story about LUNA MARE :D
tapi tak tau cane nak kait kan

canner tu
and werewolfs are actually men biten by werewolves, and Lycans are breads of werewolfs

got it twisted yet wait till it ends :D


waaa da lame tak tulis blog and now baru tergerak hati nak update
first thing first
okay SAM WORTHINGTON sangat HOT ok!!!

sangat HOT!
so i just want to say

the story ok was lame tapi cam ok ar
i mean its about NAVI and the soldiers and PANDAORA
but i think if james cameron about to release a book on AVATAR
i think its going to be even more interesting than the movies..
but of course movies have an interesting advantage coz

bole tgk SAM WORTHINGTON in action..
ala tapi still tgk cerita avatar tu SAM pon BIRU
SAM still hot walaupun BIRU :D