Tuesday, December 28, 2010

miss you already

okay this is like my blog and updates on whats going on
last saturday we had a burst of emotion (or so you can say)
we went out la basically
met him at LRT station pick him up and went to fill up gas
then we went to ehem hehehe ALAMANDA!
the actual plan was IOI mall but the trafic was bad on the way back coz there is a car across the road with its wheel tercabut..
we wen to alamanda
and watched TRON thank god ticket byk ag mase tu
we ate hotdogs and pop corn
wow sayang! besar appetite you
well about me i eat moderate but alot of times
i capat lapar
huhu then after TRON we went shopping kasut asyraf
CANTIK! it was white
well i was the one suggested it! tak sangka dia suka gak hehe :D
then after beli kasut
g solat
pastu g jalan2 and makan KENNY RODGERS
oleh di sebabkan i teringgin sangat nak makan kenny
so we went la makan
sayang i tak nah rase and he LOVE the chicken there!
sedap kan sayang!
after kenny
we went for a walk
kat luar
then pergi beli NOMBOR DIGI!
whoooooooooooooooo now we can talk like 24hours NON STOP :D
after that we head back home
ala! nak lepak lama2 lagi :D
well this weekend is anticipated!

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