Thursday, December 9, 2010

i am supposed to be studying but i cant

im supposed to be studying but i cant
dah rase macam tepu je ni
rindu kat asyraf,
tapi kene study,
today asyraf ade exam,
exam tactics (or so i have no idea, sorry sayang im really blur on this (^.^)v,
i was studying on slipped femoral epiphysis
it still wont stick in my mind
i mean whats the diffrence between that and Perthe's???
omg! ORTHO is so HARD!
i hate you ortho...

can we talk about something more exciting?
yes sayang talk about you :)
lagi best kan?
can't wait for my exam to finish
i can cook you tomyam :)
miss you lots sayang!!

XOXO (its hugs and kisses by the way ;p)

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