Friday, March 26, 2010


okay im officially bored
last night i watched HOUSE MD
i was thinking maybe diagnostic is what i wanna do..its kinda fun
but i dont know yet
still i still have to finish out my degree
and further if i wanted to.
i was hoping i could go overseas to do cardiology
but im still thinking

its intresting enough yesterday i watched HOUSE the new episode
lots of things i forced my self to know so that i can study
these days are just hard for me coz im seriously lost all concentration to study
well i did finished up my case presentation but somehow i think thats just not enopugh
i still have my case write up to finish..haih

last night issue was
1. whipple disaese complicated by mitral valve proplapse
2. pheochromocytoma with menifestation of aneurysm
3. williams disease
4. chronic gastritis vs acute gastritis
5. H.pylori- premalignant
6. wilm's tumor
7. charchort triad for ascending cholengitis

i know i kinda of know alot of things but in exams i just could do it..
its HARD!..
i dont know what to do now..

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