Tuesday, April 13, 2010

acute appendicitis

pada tanggal 11 april lalu
satu kejadian lawak telah berlaku
after i was eating my rice and chicken that i cooked i drank teh which also i bancuh sendiri
then tiba2 at 5 o'clock i felt pain in my RIF
then the pain got steadily increasing in intensity and it is worsening
the pain is a sharp throbbing pain
it does not radiate and it is localized in the RIF only
the pain is exacerbated when i moved and relieved slightly by laying still
on PE that i conducted by my self haha
there is no guarding the abdomen is soft tender on RIF
no rebound tenderness kot haha

pastu pegi la hospital
the funny thing was
my URINE and FBC was clear
no abnormality detected
so i was allowed to go home
the doctor said i may not have acute appendicitis but probably ovarian torsion..
so i was discharged with ANTIBIOTICS and PARACETAMOL

this is funny because
1. im not having fever--> so i don't know why they gave me PARACETAMOL
2. im not having fever or malaise --> so i still have no idea why they gave me ANTIBIOTICS
if my FBC is clear why should i take antibiotics??
if it is prophylaxis what is it for then?
prophylaxis against what??!! perforated appendicitis ke?

the question is can acute appendicitis happen without fulfilling the ALVARADO SCORE?

2.nausea and vomiting
4.migrating pain
5. RIF tenderness
6.rebound tenderness
7. neutrophills
8. leukocytes

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