Wednesday, April 7, 2010


okay surgery posting almost over
seriously i don't have any intention of being a surgeon but this posting had triggered me so much
and it taught me so much
the lecturers were so full of knowledge that they seriously want to fill our cups.
coz seriously my cups is EMPTY but i think now i had over flowing of knowledge but then when i think back its just hallucination.
things that i have learned now is actually things that was taught to me when i was in second year medical school..
i am thinking now of being a cardiac surgeon hows that huh? :) sounds fancy huh..

tapi tgk dlu la..

but seriously this posting i noticed i worked harder that the last few postings..
in ONG i just posted more in the labour room but i have quite studied as much as i did now :)
seriously sampai buku libry tu dah lunyai i buat baca tau.. :)
im so proud of myself
however despite all of the things i had made a fatal mistake in physical exam of STANDING ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE PATIENT!!!!!!!
I seriously wasnt intend to do that i was ANXIOUS and really i PANICKED..
i just hope i really get good results in my exam coz i really wanted it so much!
so for my physical examination Dr Ali has kindly given me a 0 instead of negative markings..
im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo DEAD!

please ALLAH i need good grades in this posting please!!

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