Monday, January 10, 2011

apa trunks buat di bb pada malam tahun baru? :D

the title makes me laugh! hard! :D
jln2 kat the curve
well it was interesting morning
woke up in the same way
not on the other side of the bed :D
went and wore my fav dress
the pink ones with big flowers printed on it
get my make up on
then went to pick him at sungai besi lrt station
asyraf sangat comel!
he wore this yellow shirt
my GOD! he was so adorable
hehe it looks like bju sekolah abim :D
then he refuse to change his clothes which was ok for me
he looks cute though
we went to the curve
wella ctually i wanted to go to OU
but then i though OU was like walking distance to the curve
which was very stupid of me considering OU is so much further than that
i mean ok i hadn't go out much these days so i forgot la~
then on the way back we solat at masjid bandar kinrara
turns out there is a leak in the radiator
pissed me off really
coz the next day on saturday i had to stay home all day
Fu*^ right?
we went out anyway on sunday
thanx GOD!
we went low yat
i parked the car at BTS
then take the train BY myself!
oh how cute hahah
havent board the train since like what 4 years?
it was confusing at first but then it was ok i guess :D
we went to TIMES square
and lowyat
then i asked him
"err jap SUNGEI WANG tu ape?"
-ok it was a stupid question and litterally i FORGOT ok!
it wasnt deliberate!
the look on his face was really confusing!!!
it was so funny!
like he had to carefully choose words how to explain what the hell is sungai wang!
damn funny :D
i guess its just me
then we went back and i send him back to sungai besi
which is the sad part
we part and i was home alone :(
but at least we have souvenirs kan sayang :)

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