Saturday, May 21, 2011

yeay finally cuti dah datang!

finally we end our research, and finally we are able to get some holiday..
however there isa down side to that..i am broke..
and i still havent get my money yet..
so i have to use what i save in the bank :(
waaaaaaaa !_! tak mau!! :(
any how, how did i spend my holidays?
well i had downloaded a couple of new movies, stole some from my brother, just finished watching MERONG MAHAWANGSA..and its still not boring.. i mean ade la a few parts towards the end..
but i skipped that part to the very end..
emmm, anyway i am so jelous of my friends travelling the world to paris and what not while im stuck at home with no money..haih! should've come to this tapi a few weeks time im going to enjoy myself :)

kla anything more? i'll keep updating ya..

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