Friday, May 6, 2011


seminggu yg lepas saya telah menyaksikan cerita THOR bersama sayang saya di TGV sunway ;p turut bersama itu saya telah membeli charger extended battery untuk iphone saya dan juga blin2 cover tuk iphone :) sekarang iphone sya sudah pimped! ouh yeah!
and yeah about THOR, well starting was abit..uhmm..what is this about? then suddenly i get the picture.. i ahve nothing againts natalie portman but she's just everywhere so its kinds bored seening her..huhu any way chris hemsworth was so mouthwatering! gagaga! piercing blue eyes...adoi! senyum pon comel! the story was so CUTE! hahah i mean it was amazing what thor can do with just a hammer.. and yeah the movie took an unexpected twist but it was awesome all the same..the rainbow bridge was awesome! and heimdall looks powerful but stupid all the same haha! all the power but cant use it..and yeah Asgard was awesome i mean all in gold? whooaaa!
the destroyer on the other hand is really creepy same as laufey.. grrrr..stupid snow giants...then when thor was banished on to earth was the funny part. he met the scientist (Natalie) and well jane knocked him a couple of times. and the shield was trying to assemble a team all togather..
well stan lee was also there..he was funny though!
loki was strange and just as creepy. Odin was damn powerful only he looks so old like he was going to disappear in thin air....but the down part was when THOR was like defeated so easily by the destroyer but them he regained back his power when the tukul flowed back to his hand..

it was ok la...not as nice as RIO and FAST FURIOUS 5!
:) till next time...daaaaa!

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