Sunday, May 1, 2011

past week

yeah! alot of things had happened the past week..
my cousin's wedding whoooooooo!
mula2 the week before last was her nikah at shah alam and it went was held in SIRIM..the dewan was nice..alot of my cousins came..we had a great time..
syida was there, fadhli kene tinggal hahaha..then midah and family was there..shima was a bit late though..well not many but it was ok..
then the whole weekdays i spend collecting wasn't that bad..but i couldve been somewhere nicer or yeah u can do a whole bunch of other things than doing reasearch but yep wth its my life..
Any way this weekend was my cousin's wedding on the boy's the thing was in si iskandar and yeah the groom's family was like our secind cousin twice remove or whatever..and they all knew my dad and my uncle..its actually more of a was funny coz they like went to the same school. and like i said all over perak is like a relatives to us. later that evening on saturday we after the wedding i was so exhausted tried to sleep but unfortunately i have to many nices and nephews! my god! they were so NOISY! they were jumping up and down the house so eventually i had to get up and get cleaned up. after solat i went to the kitchen and the bbq was about to strat..yes like always i have to do many things..and i kinda jadi kurus feet was killing me i had to sit.. but eventually i couldnt do everything by myself so..
the night after the wedding we went to lumut..wasnt much there to see well coz its dark at night..we went back and i went stright to sleep.
the morning after we depart early mira had to catch her plane.
well for me i have a date with asyraf on sunday!
thats another part of it..
so here's my rant for the whole missing week ;p


Jari Gebu said...

aku nak angkut ko g seri ko mcm nak cepat2 balik kg hijau..kalau x ko dah bleh lepak ngan agak bosan pun outdoor shooting..nnti ko gak yg penat..melainkan ko tido dgn aman di rumah mak mentua aku..tima tqvm for all ur help..appreciate it..luve u sooo much..hehehe

ma fatima mior ishamuddin said...

hahah :) mestilah aku tolong ko cousin aku kan haha..klu aku tak tolong sape lagi weh huhu...ha.a kitorng tunggu ko lame gak kat kampung tetiba kak ila nak g lumut ajak kitorang..aku memule macam malas nak ikot tp since aku tak nah g lumut teringgin gak pergi yeah hehehe :)