Monday, February 15, 2010

okay PERCY JACKSON movie


i have watched percy jackson the movie and it was directed by chris columbus..well i expect it would be exactly like the book but yeah theyve chnged it..

and frankly i dont quite like it..
i love the book more coz it makes more sense then the film..
but any way you could actually say no to the effects..

but i like it even more if they follow the book
things that they changed in the movie:
-the fury was supposed to chase them to the bus
-supposedly percy saw the fates
-okay the Minotaur was awesome so freaky!
-where's THALIA's tree anyway?
-i thought GABE was supposed to be so sloppy and the house is dirty
-the houses should be in a U shape
-where is Clarisse daughter of ARES?
-i thought annabeth's hair supposed to be sandy colour not auburn
-percy didnt know that he was the son of Poseidon until after the catch of the flag!
-i know he was awesome
-and Luke, awh cant he a bit more handsome? hehe but seriously he looks like Luke
-yeah the only thing that made the story good is grover :D
-the lotus hotel do they serve lotus?

anywa y all and all it was fun to watch it i cant wait till the second and third become a movie! cant wait to see thalia :D

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