Monday, June 29, 2009

terminator salvation

terminator salvation was the bomb but i think transformers blew it off the chart..
terminator was alot of heart..start off with sam worthington (HOT :) ) aka marcus wright's journey, was transformed into a terminator finding truth in the world which he was not fimiliar with..

he woke up in 2018 and found out judgment day had happened and everything had been destroyed the world is ruled by terminator..

how ever charming marcus was he had no idea he was a terminator he walk into anton yelchin who is kyle resse in this film he plays john connor's father..kyle resse had saved marcus from being blown by t600 but i guess that wouldn't be a problem for marcus :)

anyway they had developed a bond kyle resse, marcus wright and star..

i really love the scene where marcus had to carry star *he was really protective at that time --> its so sexy*

later kyle resse were captured on a transporter after they had battled with a really big robot..

then marcus met blair..and travel togather to find blair's base camp..then later marcus beat the hell out off a bunch of creeps with his bare hands..that was something..

when they arrived at the base marcus hit on a land mine and got blown off..

John connor found out that marcus was actually half man half machine it was really intriguing..
anyway connor had to rely on marcus to free kyle resse because if kyle resse is dead then there is no future for connor..

the ending was sad because marcus trade his heart to replace connor's :(

sad ending for a reall strong story

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