Tuesday, May 12, 2009

things about me

well i like
+ maccaroni and carn=bonara
+i am thinking of doing maccaroni and cheese later on
+likes to go on vacation if can
+my perfect gateway is erm.. beaches and islands actually
-i love pulau perhentin kecil (it really relaxing)--> besides you feel like ure swimming in a swimming pool the waater is crystal clear
-pulau lang tengah i would like to go but its further than pulau perhentian huhu
+i love photography coz id like to capture moments in still life--> moments of really precious and amazing..id like to capture anything really as long as it potray my mood at certain point of time
+cooking is just sampingan--> i cook when ever i can its not learning hoho but i would love to learn how to make cheesse cakes..cup cakes sweets and stuff yummy!!
+i love swimming--> really but could get it much this days
+i wish i have a BMW huhu
+my favourite tee will be my white shirt i have bunch of em..i like it coz its simple..my plain white tee's
+my favourite singer currently is tomok? hahaha..i just put that in temporary soon i'll get bored
+i'd watch TWILIGHT for the 7th time coz its soooooo i dunno cool? i dunno it just fits my mood right now
+i've just finished watching fast and furious 4 for the 5th time huhu
+now currently downloading star trek--> its a major kick ass movie please go see it..its soo emotionally intact plus die hard actions!!love it
+im never bored with paramore --> misery, its just in my mood right now
+currently thinking to direct and to act in a movie made by me ahhaha-->as if =p
+addicted to facebook
+pasted a whole bunch of diagrams on the living room walls hehe

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