Saturday, May 2, 2009

baru habis baca =p

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1:
The Lightning Thief

mule mule tgk cover cam tak best sebab tak de byk kaler pastu cam baca la review dia kat belakang..hoho kelakar gak buku ni..

its about a boy who is a AHDH and dyslexia but it turns out he is like this demigod who his father is Poseidon..can you believe that yeah Poseidon...i like the cool part when they all found out that he was Poseidon son's when his cuts were all heal when he comes contact with cool..anyway i knew Luke was going to betray them from the start anyway..

even though luke was good looking he's Hermes son..hahhaa anyway this book got me really interested in Greek mythology and stuff...its quite cool actually how they all comes up with this stuff

and FYI.. AHDH stands for attention deficit disorder=p

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