Sunday, June 12, 2011


whooooooooooooooo! X MEN franchis telah sekali lagi mengeluarkan another film selepas mereka telah berjaya menerbitkan 4 film X MEN yang lain... so kali ni Matthew Vaughan membawa kita kemabli ke zaman silam di mana bermulanye X MEN nih.. it all started with Charles Xavier (James McAvoy who i am so amazed because i thought he was an american who fluently speaks english!) anyway charles met Raven (Mystique) when they were young and suprisingly charles is a very flirtatious young men at which he likes to throw pick up lines using his speciality in human genetics i.e mutens! then the story shifted to the other main character Erick lechster (Magneto) best frinds of charles. from here we know how Erik do time in prison in Poland and he was a lab rat by this professor exploiting Erik's power so that he can have an ultimate one...
later when Erik grew up full of vengence wants to seek the doctor sbastian shaw/ schdmit and kill him...
Erik had almost died if charles hadnt come and rescue him from being dragged down under the water by the submarine he was trying to raised.
soon after they became friends..
togather they discover a whole other mutans using the first ever cerebro..
in the first and second of X MEN films we saw the newly bulid cerebro by Magneto and professor X, this one was build by hank mc coy (beast) in the third X MEN hank became the muten ambassador..
so in this one we see less Advance weapons or set up because it was all in the year 1944-1962
the new recruits of X MEN was
1. supersonic aka banshee
2. angel- who can fly and spit fire balls
3. darwin- adapt to survive, he died killed by shaw
4. Alex Summers (scott summers brother)
5. Raven aka mystique

so they all battle each other and end up magneto killing shaw and became the new leader of the bad guys. and here we see how charles looses his ability to walk and always on the wheelchair..a bullet penetrate his spinal cord causing him paralysed from the waist and below..
it was a good movie by the way :)
like the movie cause
1. James McAvoy pulled it of with english accent!
2. the effects wernt to bad..
3. beast became blue because he injected himself with mystique cells
4. raven is so cute!
5. charles were realy in touch with eriks souls (i mean charles can feel what others feel, pain suffering and all)

down side of this movie
1. err alex can manipulate plates of laser but his shirt dosent burn
2. angel..omg come on la bagi la power yg best sikit
3. yang tornado tu muke macam zed zaidi haha

anyway it was a nice film!
watched it twice! :)

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