Monday, June 13, 2011


last week i went and watched PAUL, its not because i really wanted to too, its just there is no other movies to watch!
anyway well the story PAUL is abou this alien crash landed on a farm and he was taken by the goverment. and since he has powers and iteligence far beyond humans, he was used by the US goverment to build up the country. he gives advice to world leaders on how to manage the world basically.
so all of his knowledge were obtained by the goverment to make nuclear bombs yada yada... until one day he herd the women (sigourny wever) talking that he is to be exposed because all of what PAUL knows already obtained. what is left is to cut him open to obtained his stem cells for molecular regeneration.
yes PAUL can regenerate life.
the story starts when this 2 dudes from england travel to america for comic con convention. i forgot what their name was anyway, they were headed for area 51 where the 'aliens' was said to land there. they accidently hit PAUL's car. from there they helped PAUL to escape from the goverment and back to his home planet.
on the way they met this young women and PAUL made her shake her believe about religion (it was a bunch of nonsense and i really dont like this part)
anyway they girl was blind due to vitreal hemorrhage and PAUL cured him..
it was a long chase where they were chase by agent Zoil or so to say at first..
the adventure starts where they travel using their RV to escape.
the fun part was when they all passed out in the woods and in the morning they were thinking how they can go back to the RV without anyone notices paul.
so they dreesed up paul into a little cowboy...
before paul went back to space he wanted to go to the farm at which he was first crash landed to met the girl who saved him..
then from there they traveled to the place paul wants to signal his friends from outer space...

at last paul got to the area he wanted to go and set on the fireworks as signal for the aliens to pick him up...lastly agent zoil who at first we thought were hunting paul was actually trying to save him because paul introduced him to his wife..

in the end they all live happily ever after and the old lady who saved paul when she was a girl followed paul back to his home planet :)

wheat i dislike about this movie was there were to many cursing, inappropriate ones, with the weed and all, and the shake of religion thingy.. other than that paul was actually compationate little alien who can be invisible by holding his was funny when he did that hahaha ;p

anyways till next movie! :)

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