Thursday, April 14, 2011

baby's birthday

its baby's birthday yeay!
well i didnt get the chance to celebrate his birthday coz its on monday, so i have to wait until the end of the week to see him and give him his presents! yippie i love presents!
anyway i was thinking of buying him this sweeter that he wanted, but i figured out he has money, so if he really wanted it he'll buy it himself coz that sweater is like rm110, or i think why would i want to buy something that he is not going to use i think of a plan of what to buy him...honestly i did last minute shopping huhu..coz well i went to sarawak the week before so i didnt buy him his presents yet. so at last i settle with buying him a laptop bag and a pendrive in hopping he uses it everyday and he will think of me :)! genius am i not? hehe :)
so anyway he was stunned for the so many presents i bought for him huhu :)
i kinda like buying him things so that he can think of me everytime he looks at the sutff i bought him :)
what i bought for him is
1. a laptop bag
2. a 4gb pendrive (which was the cheapest, i couldnt find anymore cheaper than this haha)
3. made him a customized notebook for him to write on :)
4. souvenier from sarawak

we had so much fun walking to and fro in ou..
frankly who design that place is an idiot
it is so stupid that i could find where the hell is mcd
i mean litterally, we were like lost for 1 hour in there
stupid shopping mall!
we left with our hearts content :)
yeah i love him so much :)

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