Friday, April 15, 2011

2days prior to exam

So what did I do 2 days prior to exam??

Haha guess what I play!

Well that dosent exactly show what I did..i tried to study but end up sleeping OR play FB OR EATING or watching movie OR something else that studying!

Another pink slip I got for not paying the rent. What the hell I just pay the water bill kot. Stupid management. Kalau dia potong air aku lagi mmg la..aku sunat dia!

Dah la nak exam! bikin susah plak! It sateted there I didn't pay outstanding balance..bodo dah bayar rm1600 kot..

Alas! Buat je la tak tahuI changed my desktop every half an hour because I was so bored.

I had just had to write something or else I am so bored!

Like last night (owh wait I slept early coz I didn't eat) huhu I thought it was cause of exhaution of looking at the neverending slides.

6pm this evening I was cooking. I end up frying 8 piece of noughts in thinking that 'oh well, boleh simpan nanti malam bila lapar boleh makan' but what daya know..i ate em all up!

Kah kah kah!

Talk about bingeing! Damn!

Aih I so can not tahan la! I have to eat!

Omg! Cant wait till exam!

Banyak lagi tak baca but I just want to get it over with!

I want to go to singapore and tour the country!


:) thinking of going to hong kong! ;p

Well we'll see about that later eh..

Hey you, yes you sayang,

XOXO <3 love ya! ;p

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