Saturday, March 26, 2011


the week before last,
me and my frens went to see this movie called rango!
rango was a cartoon movie actually starting jhonny deep! i love the movie because of the graphic was superb.however the first ten minutes were draggy and frankly it was friends were half a sleep when the movie started. i almost fell into a sleep too hahah!
so the movie is about this lizard who was someones pet he was accidence got dumped in the middle of the desert. he was an outcast basically. he then start his journey on his own. first he met with an armadillo who got hit by a trunk then he started off his adventure to a town called dirt.. ironic huh? hahah anyway its the desert so obviously the animals there need water to survive. they rely on sewer water and rain water and such what ever water they found. so he went into this town which has a water crisis. just as he entered the town he had been battling with the eagles. the folks there didnt exactly see what happen but what they saw was rango trying to kill the eagle and succeed. while actually he was trying to run away from the eagle. hence thereforth he was named sheriff in the town.
there were many humor it is such as the last sherif last only three days from friday to sunday hahahaha!
anyway while he was in the town called dirt he called himself rango. he make up a character that was cool and everybody think he was a hero while actually he was nobody. anyway at the end of the story he succeded to solve the case of the mestrious water crisis. it turns out the mayor (a turtle) cut of the water so that everyone sell his land to the mayor. and he is trying to build many new buildings for a new industrial town i guess.

the graphic was awesome puas hati la tgk sampai habis..and owh the mole rat is so ugly! haha

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