Thursday, March 17, 2011


Well we went for an ils course today (intermediate life support)

As usually I love swimming and the pool of course

Time to selamat kan orang

I was the second diver supposed to put collar on the victim

Then the pool was too deep so I was almost drowned because

Entah la

Bukan nye tak reti berenang

Just I feared that the pool was too deep

So kaki tak le jejak tu ok ag

Tapi tah tadi nak maintain victim

Cam susah lak

Maybe bende tu susah kot

I panic kot

I reached out for dr's arm

But it wasn't because I was drowning

Klau lemas pun boleh je berenang ke tepi

Tapi malas nak terapung


Sha plak almost chocked because I was splashing water all over

The dr thought I was drowning

It was actually sebab malas nak maintain badan dalam air tuh hehhee

Ala nvm all in all it was awesome :)

Dapat main air

Muka pun cerah sikit


Ingat nak pergi tengok terong mahawengsa

Tapi tiket takde lakfull last tiket was like at 4 so malas la nak g

I though if I siap now then can go nowbut I think I want to sleep hehehe

Apa2 pun I miss my darling asyraf!

Miss you sayang!

Love you so much!



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