Sunday, July 29, 2012


Watched batman last week.. Tak sempat nk update but it was helllaaaa fffuuunnnn whoooo best batman movie ever! Lakonan mantap dari christian bale sperti biasa and not to forget the mouth watering tom hardy! OMG! Heee isss sssooo sexy..but this time he is back as badass BANE! Bane is this badass villian not scared of any of the kost psycho villians..i mean seriously! Hehe and the amsk just creapy..anyway he ahdto put 30 pounds on in this apposed to sexy single dad in this means war this time he is a heavy fighting scary villian in batman.. Catwomen actby anne hathway was also awesome...very nice..she ahd to takemany martial arts clases including dancing for the movie..all an all love the movie ;)

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